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November 02, 2008


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It's nice to know I'm not the only person who forms friendship with different people beneath their gravestones. Or talk to them and visit them. I love to visit graveyards all over whenever I get the opportunity. I don't have anyone I know and love buried nearby, but I visit the local pioneer cemetery often and have come to think of some of the folks there as "old friends".


Both of these are so very beautiful. The photo of you and your mum -- priceless. And the cross is so powerful. I've always thought remembering people on this day was an important thing to do. This is a wonderful way to do it.


I love the photo of your and your mother. Even if you did not say anything about her, we can all feel the love that is there.

Last night I was in the Dia de los Muertos procession here in SF. I thought of you constantly and how much you would have loved it. It's nice to have a little moment where all of a sudden I think of you.

Thank you for being an inspiring presence in my life.

Amanda @ A Tuscan View....

Stunningly beautiful and very touching. The angel in the previous post is moving too, that her age was measured to the day. Your photographs have wonderful atmosphere. best wishes amanda


Thank you for sharing your journey. You've added greatly to my Dia de Bloglandia experience...as do your photos!


My tweety friend, what a lovely tribute to your Mom. That photo of you and your Mom is so touching. I am as always inspired by your words and images. This is the other Yoli, your Yoli..LOL. For I see another one posting.


What a beautiful photograph, Robin. Your mom looks like she stepped out of a vintage issue of Harper's Bazaar. Isn't it amazing how that generation of women could put themselves together so completely? The hair, makeup, nailpolish and clothes (that they probably made themselves!) were all so perfect. And look at the wide eyed expression on your face -cute! Your mama loved you. :)

I enjoy wandering through graveyards, too. And I also wonder about the lives of those buried there...what were their stories...?

High Desert Diva

A lovely tribute for your mother.

When my grandmother died earlier this year, I searched and searched for a photo of just the two of us....the one I finally found was from 1991....too late, I realized the importance of photos...


And another beautiful piece of your life is shared...this time you are a wee one, in the loving hands of your mother. I'm sad that it is the only one you have of the two of you together, but happy that you have this precious ONE.

Death is a very abstract thing for me, as I have had little experience with it so far on my journey. It frightens me because it is an unknown and it is inevitable, whether it touches me first or someone I love...but when I come here and I read your words, I get such a sense of peace and hope and quietness when you speak of these things and it brings me a great deal of comfort.
Thank you dear Robin xoxox

John Maslowski

A truly lovely picture. You were an adorable baby, such beautiful big eyes. Wonderful portrait picture of you and your mother.


Robin your photos are stunning ~ the picture of you and your mom is such a treasure I know thanks for sharing your life!


These photos are amazing. Lately I've been thinking a lot about passages, and how awesome the subject of death can be in its profundity and its seeming finality. The idea of a celebration of one's life is so much more appealing to me, than to only mourn or say goodbye... I love this photo of you and your mother. It must be all the more precious to you because of its being the only one of you together.
I'm going to go look at your links,now.
Happy Remembrances!


such gorgeous photos ... :)

m. heart

stunning photo of the cemetery, and what a lovely photo of you and your mom as well. her expression is so gentle.

i spend a lot of time in graveyards too, especially during the summer when i am riding my bike to new places. i am sometimes disheartened to find them empty and worry that their stories are untold. your post gives me hope that this is not necessarily the case - that there are more people out there full of curiosity, respect, and empathy for those that have gone before.

Kate I

Your photographs are beautiful...the one of the cross is stunningly beautiful and the one of you and your mother is just so...well, so precious! Do you still have beautiful big eyes?

I love visiting cemeteries ...I find myself wanting to know everyone's story! I'm the same with obituaries in the newspaper...I read them all and wonder about their stories, their loves, their losses, their joys and their sorrows. Everyone has a story to tell.


That cross is beautiful! That's you and your mother? Oh, how sweet. What a beautiful way to remember her.


Simply beautiful.


Robin bird...wow, the photo of the cross made my heart skip a beat. AND what a lovely photo and tribute to your mother.

thank you! for joining us in the Dia de bloglandia celebration!



Lovely photo of you and your mom.
Moving photo of the cross at the cemetery too!


Beautiful tribute Robin Bird!
Your mother must be glad her baby bird has learned to spread her wings and soar high high places! What a lovely celebration of life and death!
Happy Dia De Los Muertos!



the photo of the cross is simply beautiful & the one of you with your mom very sweet. thank you for sharing with us. :)

Happy Dia de los Muertos!


I love the first photo of the headstone, with the sun shining through the leaves and the coloring of the cross. It's excellent. I agree with what someone said already, in the photo of you and your mom, you have such a look of wonderment on your face. It's priceless.


Your mother is beautiful and this was a beautiful tribute to your mom. I agree with Yoli and the feel of energy surfing through the air. It is felt deeply. Thank you for sharing.


Your mother is beautiful and this was a beautiful tribute to your mom. I agree with Yoli and the feel of energy surfing through the air. It is felt deeply. Thank you for sharing.


I love the "feel" of your blog, it seems like such a gentle place to me.

There is a cemetery I sit in to eat my lunch some days. It is an old one, mostly forgotten, tucked between apartment complexes on two sides, and a large business building on the other. It has been so encroached upon that some of the stones face right up to a thick hedge which hides one of the apartment buildings. When I first discovered this place, which dates back to the Mexican-American war, there were angels and cherubs atop many of the stones, but they are all gone now, removed either by thieves or by staff trying to foil the thieves, I don't know.

There is a small stone there with the name "Delilah" inscribed on it. Several of her family rest there. She was only two when she died on December 21st, just before Christmas, in a year in the late 19th century. I always like to say hello and goodbye to her whenever I am there. I always tell her I will see her next time.

I've saved your blog, so that I can come back again after the dia de bloglandia and have a peek around. :-)

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