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My name is Robin Laws and i am the creator Bird Tweets.

My blog began as a self imposed challenge that i take 365 photos, one each day for a year. It didn't take long for me to realize it was going to be something more expansive than a photo a day. Capturing life in all it's exquisite detail is a passion that i now see as the perfect means for me to make my small but important contribution to helping make the world a more sane place. I have learned and practiced the craft of photography with great enthusiasm and passion and aim to offer a message of hope, compassion, friendship and love. If i accomplish that in small measure on a post then each day i will consider myself to be a good citizen of the world.

If you would like to see more of my photos you can go to my Flickr page from the icon below.


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"Comments on blogs are the life-blood of the medium. They tell the blogger you are looking, liking, wishing for more. They encourage and give the pat on the back that can come from a relative, but is so much more honest from someone who didn't wipe your tears away when you fell and skinned your knee. Comments are like little presents to receive and open....after posting I can't wait to see if someone will respond; I've made myself visible to you, I've invited you in. What do you think? Comments are the barometer of what we are sharing, and often--if not always--with art, that means our hearts." ~ Karen Otto, February 2008 ~