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February 26, 2008


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Robin, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that picture from inside Trader Joe's! I had never been to one before until just recently. When DH and I went to Charlotte for my birthday, we decided to see what they were all about and I love that store!! Their green tea mochi (in the frozen ice cream section) is delicious, as is their dark chocolate pistachio toffee! I ate the whole tub in like 2 days!! I have got to go there more often!! :)


That's one HUGE thing I am excited about when we get to the Charlotte area-they have Trader Joe's!!! I fell in love when we visited my bros. in Pheonix, and had a feeling it would be a VERY long time before they reached ol' Nebrasky. Yipeeeee for an awesome grocery market :) Beautiful floral photos, Robin!


I never went into a trader Joe's before but we do have one here in Norfolk, and I am definitely going to take a peek into this store!! I will tell you their brucetta is really delicious as my friend in NY always sends me some!! Oh those flowers look terrific Robin.. so bright and pretty.. love the difference here on your blog of the b/w and then the colorful flowers in the middle!! wonderful!!


I have yet to step foot in a TJ! Geesh. They were just getting them when I was moving from DC. None here in Nashville. But, we finally got a Whole Foods here in the last month. Love it! Oh those dancing daisies are to die for. Didn't see a daisy, but I'm not hold that against them. What beautiful colors! Love the b&w's. My first love. xo


those flowers are pretty but they pale in comparison to your own Avalon. It won't be too much longer and your whole backyard will look like that. ;)


Oooh, yes! Next time get yourself some of that beautiful spring color. I may have to get me some, too!


Those flower colors just pop between those two black and white pictures!

Come on Spring!!!

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