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February 27, 2008


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I agree with all the other ladies here, Robin. Your blog is exactly that.."YOUR blog." Blog about whatever makes you happy, makes you ponder, makes you cry, makes you sing, makes you think. This is what you are already doing... And I love it!! I especially love your videos with the lovely tunes and your lovely personality! Thanks for sharing yourself with us! :)


Random is good. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Do your blog for you and no one else. Write about whatever YOU want to. First it has to make you happy; if others follow then that is just fine and dandy. But if momma ain't happy with it, ain't no one gonna be happy with it. Just go on your merry little way and don't put too much thought into it. You have one of my favorite blogs around, seriously. I never know what I might find you up to, and that I adore! Hope you're feeling better, my blogging friend.


I love the photo, Robin!

You know, people blog for such an incredible amount of reasons. I think finding your own reason, and knowing that your reason(s) can evolve is a good thing.

I enjoy stopping by everyone's pages to see what they're up to and what's on their mind. Some I stop at are incredibly high in traffic, and some get very little. Some have tons of comments, some have none. I don't think a blog needs to be a popularity contest, as it can simply be a new form of a person's journal in which they invite the WWWeb to stop by if they'd like a peek into someone's little world.

I love randomness myself..but that's also a personal preference :)

Enjoy your journey-I look forward to seeing what's next!!!


what a gorgeous picture there my dear.. this is very beautiful and could depict a number of things.. my thought is a very natural looking pic of our Robin just falling back on a bed after a filled day... the texture as Peggy pointed out in the background is wonderful.

As far as blogs, I really like yours.. and I really don't visit many blogs so unfortunately I have nothing to link here that hasn't been viewed before by you.

XO Christa


loving the ethereal feel here.....very angelic indeed. The texture look is so beautiful and I think this is by far your most prolific composition for a self portrait.

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