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February 29, 2008


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Adorable! I must say though, to combat winter blues I often keep my toes painted all winter. It is such a little thing but it makes me feel like MAYBE winter won't last forever. Though right now...I think it will be snowy here until June.


I love your little piggies...all ready for Spring!


would that I could still reach my toes to give them a perfect pedi like yours dear...sigh


Love those painted piggies, Robin! Cute photo,too! However I would feel silly if it is "one of the first signs of spring," as my little piggies want to be out all year long if the weather allows. Ha! :) I will wear sandals as long as there is no snow on the ground, or if there is some major flooding! Ha! :)


I would love to paint my tootsies but I am afraid it would draw attention to my poor dry and cracked feet! lol Yours look delightful and I am hoping that while your tootsies are propped up like that, that you are leaned back, eating bon bons and contemplating many creative ideas. :)


look at you with your tootsies painted to match your hair and lipstick.. cherry.. already for those sandals!! how fun!! very very cute pic and what a wonderful spark of spring this is!! :)


hehe, yep about that time! I need to get in and get my tootsies cleaned up for SANDALS! YAY! Hmmm, wonder if OPI has come out with any gorgeous new spring colors? Thanks for the little reminder. ;-)


I think a few polka dots painted on top of that polish on those tootsies of yours would really bring a smile to your face... Easter egg colors of course...


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