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March 01, 2008


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...a tiny button on the floor. A button that reminded her of the child she had loved and nurtured and who now was all grown up, living far away. She seldom called or visited or answered the mail. The child whose wee button she had carefully sewn onto the sweater so it wouldn't come off, that it would close and keep her warm. The moments, the closeness. All captured in a tiny white button.


Well, I am stumped, but I do know that is a beautiful photo of you Robin, whatever you are pondering about.. :)

susan, your old friend

As she looked down she realized the world in all its sorrow would haunt her, until she could figure out how to share the joy in her heart, which was bountiful. As she reflected deeply she knew her sense of joy was what was lacking in the world. She knew if joy could be the front runner then surely world peace would follow. And world peace would join with the happiness of the earth and her people, and finally the long search for humanity would be over. Creativity would abound. Joy would be he order of the day. In her heart she would always keep this hope, even if on this day she knew and felt the sorrows of the world, and carried them in her kind heart.


. . . noticed that old red wine spill had reappeared on the carpet. "Out damned spot, out!" she whispered to herself. Perhaps it wasn't a wine stain after all. There was some talk within the "circle" after her husband mysteriously "left town" and never returned. Perhaps we will never know the answers to those questions that continue to circulate around the tight little community of Webville.


It's dreamy because you're a dream girl!


...saw Zippy sneaking away with one of her delectable peanut butter cookies. :D


noticed that her husband's socks didn't match.


I haven't come up with the rest of the story yet, but I just love looking at your photo!!!! And the frame, too. I'm still thinking about the other part.


...saw Zippy was looking up at her with starving eyes, and realized she forgot to go to the grocery store.

(ooh this can be fun with filling in the sentence.. are you going to tell us the real answer later?? we can keep guessing all night!!) xo Christa


realized that she had a chippped nail and really needed a manicure...

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