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March 01, 2008


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Oops.. I thought it was story time, I guess I should have read the previous post! I guess I can't follow directions very well! :)


Ooh, I like fun and games... I must have a shot at this...

"As she looked down she knew that no matter what else happened she would never again try to consume a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice cream while soaking her feet in a foot spa, all whilst wearing an electric blanket wrapped around her for warmth."

BAD IDEA!!! :) :) :)


spit polish the floors in this room...darn does that take a long time!!!


forget to pick up Zippy snacks!! LOL...
"buy that floor cleaner.. it didn't work!!"

LOL.. xo Christa


. . . let her sister cut her hair. hehe

Sorry I missed the first posting and now a step behind.


wear Birkenstocks with a broomstick skirt!

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