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April 09, 2008


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Fantastic!!!! had quite a giggle and intent to get caught up with the good docs previous posts:)


Waiting eagerly for Dr. Bird. But The Gypsy's taxes were a tad on the slow side this year, too. Finally finished them before Artiscape, then right as I was sealing decided to redo the math and found a major ($500) boo-boo. 831 and 381 look almost the same to me. So now I have scratches out on everything and they're messy and will probably irritate some poor overtaxed (no pun intended) IRS worker... Well, at least I found it.It meant an additional $100 in the return!


Robin, Robin, Robin!


so what numbers do I press if I fall into more than one (or maybe all) the catagories...and omg...I just noticed that Lucy has gone an gotten herself tattooed. xoxo


This was too cute my dear Robin...I definitely need to press 9, 9, 9,9,9, LOL... too cute.. so tell me how many messages do you have currently to call back? Lucy seems to be nervous and that this time she wants to succeed. I too am glad you are giving her another chance.. xo Christa


Great! I think I need to press 3,4, 5 & 6 and have already forgotten why. Deary me. Perhaps it should be No. 9. Cute. You sure do put a lot of pressure on poor Lucy. I hope you keep a session a week (at least) open for her! Hey, love Lucy's tat! xo


Oh my.....so many choices. I wasn't sure which number to push so I pushed them all! Does that mean I will be charged for multiple disorders? I figure if you charge per personality even though it is one session, you can retire early. Afterall, it is hard to talk to so many at once. I did not realize that Lucy had a tattoo on her neck. Is there any deep seeded meaning to it? I am glad to see that you are giving her another chance as I do feel she has a ton of potential.

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