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April 17, 2008


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If the Xanex worked for you don't ya think the tulips would much rather have a happy pill instead of wearing a boxed head for hours on end till they finally see the light...just a thought dear.


I must say, I listened to your voice a few times and I have to say, Robin, if I am every gonna jump off of that precipice, you are the one to talk me down. Melodic and soothing, you must be one heck of a therapist! WOW! I feel better already, with out the aid of a prescription. ;-)

I love this feature and hope it is a "regular". Maybe I will mark this entry and listen to it when I have had a crappy day. This will make me feel better, fer sure!



well now if this particular person was talking about herself instead of tulips, we will be seeing in the news a person walking around in a box cover for a few days.. some will think she got her ears trimmed like a dog who wear those cones around their necks.. should be interesting, and i sure do hope her two lips stop drooping..she may want to try smiling and that will get rid of her droopy two lips!! XO great advice Dr. Robin!!


Love it!
Sandra Evertson


Hmmmmm, I was thinking much darker. I was afraid sticking with pins was like cutting! Boy was my mind in a negative thought process. I think a little sunshine would do me good as well. lol


I save my hand full of Xanex for when I'm on a flight and we're told we have a 50/50 chance of landing. (Good thinking, hu.h. I figure they can pump my stomach if we live, right?) Now, back to your Case No. 1. Do you think Tiptoeing is speaking of acupuncture in regards to the pin sticking? Not quite sure how that works with photosynthesis and/or plant depression. Regardless, I bet those tulips of Tipytoes' are already perking up just thinking about a little added attention! (Isn't that all we want in the end?)

Brava on your first episode. The rest will be a breeze now that you've broken the ice! Cheers.


Great advice, Dr. Bird! Although I did kind of like the sticking with pins. This is so wonderful - I can't wait for more episodes. The Ann Landers of the internet!


Hello, Lucy and Dr. B! Hope the Xanex worked -- you sounded great! (Personally, I might have tried TWO Xanex and a glass of Pinot Grigio, but hey, the doc knows best, right? Doesn't sound like there will be any sadd-ness in Avalon with Dr. Bird on the case!

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