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May 14, 2008


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I love looking at your pictures and learning a bit...I tell ya, I am lucky I know what a rose is or a tulip.

Good gravy, woman...I do so love looking at Avalon!!


Imelda / GreenishLady

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Meconopsis has to be my favourite flower - I was stunned by the sight of beds of them (with candelabra primulas) in a northern Ireland garden a few years ago. I kept going back again and again to look.


You have my dream garden my tweety friend.


Wow, Lori was not kidding. Your flowers are fantastic. Good job with the flora and the camera work is also well done. Tim


These photos are so Amazing! Like better than real life! Just Gorgeous!
Sandra Evertson
Loving the new blue banner!


Wow! This flowers are so magical looking, I can almost see the little faeries and sprites frolicking about. Makes my geraniums seem a bit ordinary. You must be so happy to see these awesome flowers blooming and showing themselves. I would be!!!


Such exotic beauties. As I've said many many times, I love poppies but have never been able to grow them in my zone 7s. Yours are absolutely beautiful.


What lovely photos of Avalon waking up and starting to bloom. I am so amazed at your ability to remember the names of all the different varieties....my technical knowledge is usually limited to the "the red ones", "the yellow ones" and my favorite....."that pinkish thingy". ;) I have sooooo much to learn. I wonder if Lucy would give me some pointers?


Gorgeous. The mellefera (sp) is my favorite -- I adore that chartreuse with the wee-est (it looks weird to write weeest) bit of pink. Lovely.

Kelly Henderson

Beautiful photos. There isn't much in this world more inspiring than Mother Nature is there?

Take care,


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