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June 30, 2008


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Kelly M

Even your chores seem so graceful and serene. How do you do it?

Paris Parfait

Terrific photos of your morning. And what a lovely garden!


I have to laugh. When I first saw the picture of you filling the bird feeder, I thought you had your hands around a lens...I thought you put your camera right inside that bird house to get a unique view of something, like an incoming bird! HA!
As a fellow photographer, you've got to humor me.

These are wonderful pictures...I am so in love with your garden.


Aw, Zippy looks so comfy and well. So glad she's zippy again. Much of the same as you, I'm afraid. Sorting (bills on my side though--I wish I could invoice someone), feeding, watering. Yep, much of the same. I did purchase a new bird bath that I can see from our kitchen window. I can't see mom's unless I step outside on the deck. I get so much joy from watching them bathe. Hmmm, that sounds a tad perverse, doesn't it.


Oh, I love that idea of taking photos of your day, I think I may try that too. Your garden is so lovely! And Zippy is a doll :-).


what a delightful post my dear!! I love all the pics of Avalon, but my favroite picture is seeing Zippy all snuggly in her little bed..what a sweet and adorable pic.. so glad she is feelng better and spunky too!!


Your world is so beautiful and you photograph it so well. I feel such peace when I look at your photos. That garden takes my breath away. How I love peonies and how I wished they grew here but they don't. Your little dog does not even look real, he is that beautiful. Thank you for sharing a slice of your life.

meg duerksen

wow! your pictures are amazing!!!
thanks for all your sweet words on my blog.
you seem to capture everything in your life so beautifully.
your little dog is so cute!
i'd love a tiny dog like that.

i have a question...what are your settings for your blog widths?
i know that's not the typical comment right?
let's talk through e-mail.
i'd love to have my pictures as big as yours.
and i have yet to figure out how to do that. :)

have a wonderful day today!


First I have to tell you that I love that top! I also love the pictoral view of your day; especially the first picture. It's like those pictures of people's desks. I love the intimate glimpse of a life being lived that it offers. Glad to hear that Zippy is feeling spunky today. ;^)

High Desert Diva

Awww...always sad to see the last of the peonies.

Nothing exciting here. Worked on painting the 3rd side of the house before it got too blasted hot. Then holed up inside out of the sun.


Monday is now yesterday already. I spent it doing what I do most summer days, trying to get people up and moving. I checked out my blogs, did some blogging of my own, and anxiously awaited the beginning of the new season of "History Detectives."

I love your photos, like always. The first one is my favorite. At first glance, I thought there was an old typewriter on those books. So, even though I was mistaken, I still like the look of it.

m. heart

hello, and thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself!

i spent my monday at work, but there was plenty of sunlight left for a stroll in the garden when i returned home. now that it's dark, the fireflies are out in force, flashing beneath the stars.

i too was sad to see my peonies fade. nothing fills up a vase quite like them.


I LOVE that pink flamingo watching over the garden in avalon. lol I am so glad to hear that Zippy is back to her old self and I am still amazed at how you get photos of yourself like that. By the time I drug out my tripod, set it up, tried to decide on how to frame everything out without me in the photo first, the whole day would have been gone. You simply amaze me. The photos are wonderful!


What beautiful flowers, I was thinking. How LUCKY she is, I thought. Nothing else could be this wonderful. And then I reached Zippy's picture. How very, very sweet, and not in a toothache kind of way. It should be illegal to be that cute!

We had custody of Michael's grandkids today & took them geocaching. You'll have to google it up if you're unfamiliar with it, but it's a treasure hunt/GPS thing. Jace is 4 & became quite mesmerized with a one-armed woman jogger who passed us; I spent a large part of this afternoon explaining - or trying to - that to him. The funny part was that every time another female jogger passed us, he pointed out that SHE hadn't had an arm cut off! Kids will make you laugh & think! LOL!

You & Zippy take care -


i am back at work after three blissful days off but tomorrow is canada day so looking forward to an evening party atop a rooftop downtown, music and laughter followed by a day of hot sun and playing in the garden topped off by fireworks tomorrow evening :)

your garden makes me smile ... so beautiful!


Please take me away to Avalon, where things are beautiful and blooming and good. I'm glad Zippy is doing well -- she certainly looks in charge! I've been trying to stay on task this Monday, and do my work, though my world is spinning, my heart is breaking and I find myself returning to your earlier post. In-between, I've touched base with family and soon will start websurfing... hopefully, I'll get some sort of post up today. Or not...

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