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June 27, 2008


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Kelly M

I finally figured out what you were talking about with that little widget...always a little behind these day! Pretty neat I must say! Oh and...Hi Little Zippy!

Kelly M

Took me a while to figure out what that widget was you were talking about, but I've got it now! Hi little Zippy!


My friend, you just completely made my day!! I just saw my own little blog listed in your links and I am H A P P Y!!!! Such company I am in. It boggles the mind a little and brings a huge smile to my face. I think that's the first time I have ever been called a maestro. I think I'll just bask a little. Happy day to you!


I am new to your blog, only discovered blogs two months ago. Since then I have been discovering other blogs and have just found yours. Love your photos, love everything about your blog and as I enjoy photography like so many, many, many out there, I am looking forward to learning from you. I shall enjoy coming back often. Thank you!!!!

Paula Scott (aka Molokai Girl)

Such a relief that Zippy is back home again and doing better! I'm still trying to figure out what Twitter is, but it sounds intriguing!


Darn it, I can't see the Zippy twitter are work thanks to our filters so I will have to look at this at home. I am so glad she is back to her Zippy little self!


so glad Zippy is back in the groove and I love hearing her little thoughts in the twittering column... so cute.. so glad she is feeling better!! XO


What a sweet idea! Zippy gets to post too!

So glad she is doing so well...looks like she is back to her old self again, chasing brooms and taking naps.
What a life :)

(I got your wonderful email...will reply as soon as I can!)


Yay for Twitter! Kewl~!~~
Yes, I'm a new birdie Auntie!!!!


Thanks for your lovely comments! I was thinking of Zippy and hoping she's continuing her recovery!


Ohh, what a great way for Zippy to get her thoughts out quickly, before something else catches her attention and pulls her away! I twitter too, but I am so insanely ADD riddled that I forget to update that...AND my blog. Good gravy I need to work on that. ;-)

Stopping by to catch up while laying in a bed in a hotel room in Ohio to visit my great-grandparents. I just thought "goodness, I haven't read Robin in too, too long!"

*me waving HELLO!*


I love hearing from Zippy! Love the Twitter Updates!


I love Zippy's zippy thoughts! Very cool idea and so glad she's up to communicating and playing with the broom! Thanks for the url. I am on a mission to learn about Twitter for a workshop session I'm producing for an upcoming public TV meeting. I picked the subject I understood least (social networking/new media) so I could learn more! Now I can follow a Twitterama and see what it's like!


that is anawesome idea...who knows what brilliant ideas flow through Zippy's pretty little head...we may all finally find the answers we seek. She could be the next Dali Lama or something! :)

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