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July 05, 2008


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Kelly M

Hard to believe you once considered these photographs to be unusable...they are simply stunning, dreamy and perfect in every way.


What a peaceful place...and filled with so much old stories and past love.


I am SO LOVING these pictures!!!

Wow. I love the processing you did to them..I'm kind of glad your settings weren't right in your camera, because this end result is gorgeous.

I was walking along the beach yesterday at dusk...on the other side of the road is a very large cemetery. I didn't bring my camera, because I didn't want to carry heavy stuff on my walk, but the lighting, now that I think of it, would have been perfect for pictures in that quiet space. I just might have to return there later this evening..this time with my camera in hand.
Thank you for the inspiration, dear Robin!

meg duerksen

i love that last photo of the cool shaped gravestone.
i walk by 2 graveyards every night on my walks and i have never thought to take any pictures...hmmmm.


Love and hugs
I love all that you share.
Love Jeanne


these are fabulous Robin... I especially love the first one with the dandelions and can see that as a cover of a novel... very well photographed.. I love the focused flowers and blurred bg.. I love the beige coloring of the background and the cheeriness of the blooming dandelions in the front.. gorgeous... love the photo of children playing and seeing these photos of the graveyard is so neat... the last photo reminds me of the book I just finished... Midnight in the garden of good and evil...even though I had seen the movie I wanted to read it.. your pictures are so awesome and again I can see the first and last as covers to a novel.. xo Christa


You photos are lovely, as always. I love the depth of the last one, the colors, shadows and highlights. Lovely.


These are terrific and I'm so glad you have a photo buddy to go one adventures with! They really are magical. I love the fact that the family arrived. My mother always taught family and regional history to me as we went to her parents and grandparents' graves.

Thank you more than you can realize for your kind support and words. Things are going well -- more later, but I must add, Zippy is a mighty fine photographer!


Thank you so much visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I have read only this post so far and was completely pulled in - I can't wait to see more! I love the pictures and what you've written.


post-processing or not, the photo with the children is great, it totally underlines the notion of ghosts of the children there in the graves. i love ghosts!

Paris Parfait

These photos are so lovely, particularly the first one! No words necessary. I just got a new camera and have to figure out how to use it! :)

High Desert Diva

You did some amazing processing then...these are marvelous photos. I love the last one especially. Whereabouts in Portland...the Laurelhurst area?


Heartbreak and sadness was my initial feeling but ended on a
happy note seeing the children and dog. Wonderful post! :)NG

m. heart

what beautiful light, i love these images.


Awesome and breath taking. They show happiness and heartbreak all at once. Thank you for sharing


These are amazing, truly.


I love these photos, the first one is my favorite, it captures the mood perfectly.


Robin - this story & these photographs remind me oh-so-much of a book I have about ghost children in Indonesia. I think it's called 100 things, maybe 300 things, but NOW I must rush to the bookshelves & see if I can find it. I cannot find it through google. These images are beautiful.



Robin, these images are simply amazing. I love the story that they tell without any words at all. ;) You are surely going to have to share those post processing secrets of yours. Everything always looks so dreamy and fairytale like. I hope you are keeping a book of your images so that Olivia can see what an amazing "interpreter" her mimi is.

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