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July 06, 2008


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That purple is so deep and captivating. And then contrasted with the orange! What a treat for the eye.

Kelly M

This is just gorgeous. The lighting is unbelievable and the depth of color extraordinary!


This photo is magnificent! Yes, Tara is the bestest. xo


SNAP! CRACKLE! POP!! That is one amazing work of art, Robin. I think I looked at it for 15 mins straight. Simply amazing.

I love how your blog journey has evolved. I honestly look forward to coming here and reading this glimpse into your life. I love sharing that with you.


How ethereal and serene... bewitching indeed!

Your photographs are simply gorgeous :)

For me it was opening my eyes and peeking through the sleepy gossamer haze of the soft early dawn, to see my wee one, eyes wide, whispering into my face with his warm morning breath, "Mommy, are you awake yet? The birds told me it is going to be a beautiful sunny day today..."

Thank you for your beauty and inspiration.

High Desert Diva






This is a beeeaaauuutiful photograph! You're right - dawn and dusk tend to bring the best lighting for photography along with some kind of magic. My favourite is dusk...when the sun's last rays are soft gold and the shadows are all blues and purples. Pretty! I also like your lens' selection here...that there is such a narrow depth of field, throwing many of the branches out of focus. Beautiful!


What a wonderful photograph you took! It is magical! Thanks for the introduction to Tara - I took a quick peek at her sight and it looks very nice.


Incredible, amazing image!!

What I saw today that took my breath away:
~ the freckles across the bridge of my little girl's nose. She was at a friend's house all day long and I missed her. Just seeing her sweet face and those tiny freckles took my breath away.

Amy Steinberg

I can't begin to imagine this photo. Wonderful.

Today I saw the most beautiful thing I've ever seen...my daughter.


This photo is absolutely STUNNING!!!!
I so love how you put that..."Dawn and dusk are the witching hour for the miracles of light and shadow to reveal themselves to mere mortals."
It is so true!!!!! My favourite times of the day, by far.
Today, I walked around this beautiful bog. I hate to call it bog, because that word to me always makes me picture dark dreary places. But this place was magical. Ladybugs swaying in the tall grass breezes, the quiet hum of thousands of bees in the blackberry blossoms, beautiful ponds covered in bright green duckweed, and low, soft beautiful light.
Otherworldly joy...YES!


Like some of the others, this photo for one, Just beautiful, and also I a little chipmunk who stared at me for over 5 minutes and
that filled me with joy too.


Robin, hi tweets!!!
Wonderful photo and yes, magical light.
I love garden photos. I shall have to go back to read Paris Parfait again, to read about this book. I'm terribly behind on visits, my week has been insane. It is a breath of fresh air coming here.
xoxo Enjoy your week!


I enjoy my daily visit here. Your photos are incredible and as I am a 'hobbyist' in photography, I feel I learn so much. Thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment. That was so very kind of you.

kris campbell

Beautiful photograph. This is such an interesting idea. I thought this morning, while the skies were gray and it was gently raining, this is my favorite kind of day, working on art projects, cats napping and rain tapping against the windows. Wish I'd thought to take a photo just so I could remember the moment.


gasp ... this took my breathe away, beautiful ...

today, i saw this photo of yours, and it gave me a feeling of perfect joy :)


I've always believed Avalon is a magical place. This photo shows me I am absolutely right on that score. The color is glorious. I am inclined to think that what I saw today so far that has given me breathtaking joy is this photo! I'm working on the rest of it, though I suspect by day's end, the Marmelade Gypsy will give me one of those moments. (And you are so right about Tara's blog!)


Tweety that is GORGEOUS! Such a talented soul you are. I know Tara is going to be alright, she is amazing.


the colours are stunning, you are very talented



This is spooky & gorgeous & feels very "glow-in-the-dark"-y & quite mysterious. I feel like I need to be whispering this response. So . . . shhhhh . . . I really really like this!

:) Debi


I sure love the "view" here on this blog journey...always something uplifting to bring a smile. And on some days, that smile is a priceless gift.


Wowza! It looks like it is glowing! Thats just beautiful. I think it would be so pretty enlarged and framed! I haven't been very good with my photography lately. Life keeps getting in my way!


wow Robin this is breathtaking... the dusk lighting really made the blues come out and with the gorgeous flowers.. wow how it pops.. awesome girl!!

Paris Parfait

Robin, that is an incredible photograph - wonderful lighting! I think I could use a few photography tips from you. Thanks for the nod about my next book project and my photos. I can use all the encouragement I can get with this one, as working with a French publisher is a whole new ballgame,albeit an exciting one!

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