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July 08, 2008


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awww, look at little Zippy...so safe and snug in Mimi's arms. I'd love a bowl of cherries...maybe I need to stop at the store after our baseball game tonight!


Dear Robin-bird,

This is Sloane writing back to you. I love your picture of Zippy. I think Zippy is really cute. Does she like little girls? My Momma told me that Zippy has been sick. I hope she gets well soon. Thank you for visiting my blog. I think that was very nice of you. Hope your new week is a good week. ~ Sloane


Where are Zippy's ears? are they in the top knot too? lol She is such a cutie and I know she brings so much joy to you. And reading about her adventures brings so much joy to me. She is quite the character. Maybe you should do a series of children books with Zippy as the character. She could tackle all kinds of topics that affect small children...being afraid, being different, affection, adoption (finding a loving family), etc. I think Zippy would make a great children's character.


Hmmm so funny...I wonder if you will shoot straight up in bed at about 2am this morning, remembering what it is you wanted to post about. Would you get up and start writing? Would you fall back on your cozy pillow trusting you would remember again in the morning, only to wake to forget once again? lol!

Lovin Zippy...as sweet as can be! And those cherries. Don't you just love this time of year when there is so much fresh goodness? I have this problem...I go to buy all of this wonderful fresh fruit, and end up with so much (cause it all looks so good!) and then I can't eat it all before it starts to go bad!

Love to you


mmmmmmm ... those cherries look delicious ... must stop and buy some on the way home :) yumms! zippy is so adorable, smooches! xo


You get the best answers because you ask the best questions. Over and over - you always make me think. And smile. Two of the most important things I can do. Thank you, my friend.


keep the cherries, i want Zippie! first of all, what a great name and what an absolutely, adorable, just want to kiss her to death dog! oh, i love her!!!! *sigh* you had to go and post a picture of her, now i feel like getting one of my own...

anyways, i got distracted by the little breathtaking beauty on the screen, i also woke at 5:30 this morning...caught up on emails, blogs, put a load on, put dry clothes away and, oh yeah, got ready for work. my sleep is sporadic right now (i'm 50 and for those of you my age you can relate and know what i'm talking about). so i take advantage when i'm up and about in the early morn' because by the end of the week i will be comatose from lack of enough sleep and then sleep a good 12 hours straight for 2 days.

anyways!.....loved your post....:)

Paul Sears Photography

How do you like your Canon? Me and some other photographer friends get in these big Nikon vs. Canon battles around the office (I'm a Nikon guy and a couple of my friends are too). It's laughable, all nonsense, but gives us something to talk about I guess... Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post!


I miss a couple of days & it feels like forever. Zippy is too, too, TOO adorable & quite a conversationalist! And cherries - I now feel an absolute complusion to pick some up today & eat them tonight. Maybe today - it's so hot that cherries sounds like the perfect lunch. Last night I ate 2 tomatoes while standing at the kitchen sink.

So much joy here from everyone. Smiles from me!

:) Debi


Oh my, I just love your photographs and writings. Zippy is adorable. I have times when I forget things. For instance, I was merrily chatting away to family this weekend at our 4th of July Picnic, when right in the middle of my story I actually forgot where I was going with it. I don't feel alone as at work we often discuss our short term memory. So much so in fact that I have a favorite saying, "We're all using the same paddle, rowing the same boat up the same river!" Have a great week.


I just discovered you, don't remember how, just by surfing... You are such a beautiful breath of fresh air and I love reading what you have to say. I'll have to drop by for another visit soon.


zippy talks to you? how about that, the m&m's talk to me, too, all the time.

our little yorkies are soooooo smart.

give the zipster smooches from the heavensville pooches.



how cute Miss Zippy is and those cherries yum!! fab pics.. re walk over to the computer a few times.. sometimes I have to re do my steps in order for the thought to come back.. LOL.. xo C


Zippy does indeed do the pretty-girl/shawl thing well! I love her little topknot! It makes me smile. And the cherries look beautiful -- good enough to eat, as they say, and perfect in that bowl. I adore cherries -- Michigan cherry season is about right!

I am off to the lake tomorrow or Thursday morning. Hooray. We're all more than a little stressed but our boy is doing well and home at his mom's. I brought him some corn relish and orzo salad with tons of his favorite fresh veggies. And I told him to chew well. He's 22 and I told him to chew well. I've gotta get away! I'll try to check in on Adventures in Avalon with Zippy and Robin Bird while I'm away!


Oh, thanks Robin :-). This photo of Zippy is pretty joy making too! Also I love all your comments on my blog, so wonderful. I am glad I found you! Kisses to zippy. And if that post is important you will remember it!

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