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July 14, 2008


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Well this just brought a tear to my eye. I am without words to describe how I feel about your beautiful writing and of course the amazing photograph. Just wonderful.


Your prose is poem enough.

Your photographs, a poem for certain.



Dearest Robin,

your words they pluck my heartstrings... and some days that is more powerful than any painting. drawing. or craft.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart.



What a wonderful tribute to friendship...old and new.
You are so beautiful.


what a delightful post... and what a touching gift! quite beautiful, beautiful you! you brought such a smile to my face and have ended my day quite nicely. thank you, mama!


Your photos are so Magnificent, they look realer than real!
Sandra Evertson


Robin, what a wonderful gift to all. You are such a kind and gentle soul. Bless you. xo


Thank you for this - a little soil to tuck around Emma Tree's roots. I am quite moved & very touched.



As usual, lovely thoughts and lovely picture! Your blog is always such a treat!


Sweetie tweety, you are such a breath of fresh air. I value your words and thoughts very much.


This is a beautiful photo for a beautiful and thoughtful expression. I feel strongly in the value of friendship and how it is so enduring. I feel blessed in having friends that I've known since I was five who are still very close. But I also treasure my new friends and those whom I have only known through our blogs, like you. You have been a supportive and good friend, though we've never met face to face or talked voice to voice. Yet, you have given me strength when I've needed it, laughs and chuckles and smiles and so very much good energy. They say it takes being a friend to have one. You give at least as good as you get -- I know, I'm proof.


That is a excellent picture for a excellent post. I wish my soil looked as good as yours too. You are a wonderful friend. I Love how blogging helps us to make new friends!

High Desert Diva

That's just beautiful...the sentiment...the photo


What a beautiful post. I am loving getting to know you.



Such a sweet post. You may not paint, but you create your wonderful garden and that is a talent as great as any painter :-). Lovely photo too :-).


Oh wow, that is so beautiful. And I loved the symbolic photo of the good earth of Avalon and the tiny sprig of green friendship. What an awesome way to show your friendship. What a beautiful lady you are. And I am still just loving your blog. Thank you!


what a perfect photo to symbolize growing friendships!

Our Friendship Tree Started Out As A Seed Many Years Ago
And Grew Genuinely With Time.
We Planted The Seeds Of Friendship,
And The Bond Has Become Closer Between Your Seed And Mine.
As Our Friendship Continues To Grow,
I Appreciate Every Ring And Every Leaf On My Tree
That Has Grown Over The Years.
For Every Ring And Leaf Symbolizes A Special Event,
A Laugh, Or Even A Cry.
For You Have Made A Difference In My Life.
The Events We Weather In Life Make Us Who We Are.
And Just As A Tree Grows Roots,
We Grow A Stronger Bond Each And Every Passing Day.
I Want To Thank You For Being My Roots, My Stable Force,
And My Wonderful Friend!

Above they barely touch, but undermined
Down to their deepest source,
Admiring you shall find
Their roots are intertwined


how lovely :)

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