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July 18, 2008


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the poem was beautiful - it brought a tear to my eye. And the photos really are ethereal!

Diane - Daily Walks

Robin, I think I've said it already on your blog but I have to say it again... you are one talented, creative lady. Seriously, your work is REALLY impressive and inspiring. Love these images!


I love the softness...
the magic...
the art...
the poem...
your heart...
YOU. xx


I had to catch my breath as I looked at your photographs. Your photographs are a beautiful breath of fresh air for me : )

I didn't even mention the poem did I? Lovely.


robin bird, these photos are so ethereal and sweet and the poem is a perfect compliment to them. I do not know what came first, the poem or the pictures, but they complete each other beautifully.

Thank you for sharing with us.


oooh....I'm so glad I stopped in to see this! What amazing photos, they capture the feeling of your beautiful poem so perfectly! You are amazing my friend!


Robin, I just gave you a little award...:-)


Ohhhh...Time. I especially like the line of your poem "time crosses over from now to then. It covers my face like wind, like water." It brought to mind Time can shape a landscape through wind and water, yet leaving hints of what the place looked like before.

And your photographs are mysterious and ethereal. :)

Now have you read the poetry of Anne Michaels? She is one of my favourite poets. I think you'd like her poem Skin Divers.


okay how did you do that? Very ghost like......and really nice

Gill from Canada


absolutely love the ghost-like pictures! they're amazing!!!!


Beautiful! Verse and photos. Love your room color. What is it?


You creative genius, you!!
What a beautiful way to capture your words inside a photograph. I especially love the second picture...such flowing feminine form, and the clock behind to signify time.
It feels like a gentle whisper.
So beautiful, my dear friend.


m. heart

lovely poem, and the photographs are so ghostly (in a good way, not a frightening way). the first is my favorite.


Robin - This is an incredible, enchanting, gorgeous, wonderful post. Can you possibly be the same woman who, not all that long ago, was just beginning to figure out photography? I bow to your learning, to your talent, to your beauty. I would say I'm speechless, but obviously I'm not quite there. :)

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
Love, Debi


I love your photographs and your poem.
Love Jeanne

High Desert Diva

The photos...the poem...lovely


All of it is so deeply moving, so poetic...

'Light scales the bed, drops off the end'

I do not know why but that is the line that really spoke to me, especially as a visual artist...

so much beauty in one amazing post.



Robin a beautiful poem and the special effects of the photos are haunting!! Simply a work of art!! hugs aNNa


Lovely words! And what clever photos!



I am totally captivated by your photos....they are just wonderful !!!!


I love the movement in these photos and they are the perfect compliment to the poem. I feel like time is flying by as I get older. Funny how when I was little, I couldn't wait for time to hurry so I could be older! lol


Oh my, Robin, as I was reading your poem, I was thinking, what excellent, famous poet wrote this?! And it turned out to be you! Then to top it off the beautiful photos. Between
all that and your lovely garden, there is no end to your talents. I am so happy I found you :-).


This is a wonderful poem -- I especially love the positioning of the clock on the last amazing photo. Very nice indeed!

This post -- and all of your others, which captivate, engage and enchant me -- are why you are one of several to whom I've been an award over at The Marmelade Gypsy! Stop by! And thanks for all your wonderful comments on my posts -- I always love the way you write!

Lisa Marie

beautiful photos and beautiful words. I especially love:

time marks the hours, the minutes, a life
confuses the when, confounds the why.


I adore these ethereal photographs. And your poem... Ahhhhhh.

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