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July 24, 2008


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I believe anyone who has blogged is totally addicted. Now, how long that addiction lasts is another story. When life starts coming at you fast, you will know to "walk away from the computer" and deal with it (then go back, of course). There are a lot worse things to be addicted to. In my opinion. I'm so happy Dr. Bird is ok with it all. Phew!





ooooooeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! iiiiiiiiiiii looooovvvvvvveeeee itttttt!!!!

it does get better. i promise :-) xx


yes, yes, i have all the symptoms. but i don't really want to stop, you have to want to recover, right? :-)


I'm lol @ some of your words because your post has made me feel like I need to confess that I blog way too much : ) This is such a beautiful open letter to me. lol
I fall in love with other bloggers words and photographs and find myself dreaming half the day away in the blog world... I love it! I mean, I need to spend less time on my imac, yes that is what I meant to say.
: )

meg duerksen

this is good.
not that i would know anything about what you are talking about...
i never think about blogs while doing other things...
i never wish i was on the computer when i am doing something with my kids...
i never stay up waaaaaay too late clicking all around for hours....
i never let my house cleaning slide over time spent blogging...
i never forget to cook meals for my fmily because i am reading blogs...
i just feel so sorry for anyone who would have this problem.

hee hee hee.


This is an adorable and funny post. I like being addicted to blogging...I love seeing how many talented, wise and funny people (are they all women?) are out there in the world.

I'd spend even more time in the blogosphere if I could! I will look at the links you've provided to further my addiction.


Oh, sign me up!

I too suffer bouts of blog addiction, but it tends to wax and wane... does that make me an addict?

Bravo for your coming forward into the light of truth! lol.

"Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery..."

How hysterical. You totally made my day.
Now I am going to be a good girl and SHUT OFF MY COMPUTER... well, as soon as I check on Dar, and Jaime, and Linni, and Nina, and Misty, and.............


3 small words: I NEED HELP! LOL
Thanks for the great post. Soooooooo nice to know we're not alone in this world, blog world that is.


So sorry, I've really lost it, I HAVE! See, I've made - lets see well several comments and silly me kept scrolling down all the way to the end of the comments to be sure it posted. Then when I saw my comment didn't post, I would try again. And now you know I'm a complete blog junkie as here I am just now realizing that my comments did in fact post at the top. But I feel so STUPID now.

Oh well, at least you know why I'm off my rocker this morning. And I truly wish you a lovely day and a nice weekend.


You just made my day! Loved this post and it's O so true and I just love the way you put wove those words.

And that picture at the end - well it was sheer joy and such a perfect ending. Thanks for the beautiful post! You made me smile.


O this just MADE MY DAY! Wonderful Post ~ Amen, Amen!

And what a great picture at the end! It was far better than icing on the cake!

Can't wait to come back for another visit!


That's my profile in those ten steps, it IS!!!!!



Wonderful Post, Lovely Post, And an O So True Post! But that picture of yours is amazing! I just love my visits here!


some people paint, some dance, some scrapbook, some write...either way, it is expressing a creative soul and I don't see anything wrong with it...actually, I feel bad for those that don't have a passion for expressing themselves. I think blogging would be great therapy in itself so I say GO FOR IT! lol

Cookie Sunshine

Perhaps blogging can become an obsession, but in my case, as my Mother would have said "I'm not taking food off of anyone's table, and I'm not keeping shoes off of any little feet". That's how she used to rationalize going to the casino and playing nickle slots when her girlfriends all swore they only went for the buffet.

Balance is the key word. I think you've got everything under control.

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting. I'm very glad to know that you didn't attempt the test. I've been fearful of lead poisoning for years.



Who me? Have a problem?? Not me! Nope. Not this girl.
Perhaps I can maybe identify with a few of these things on your list, but I'm not addicted. *wink*

I think the beautiful connections I have made with creative soul sisters like you, dear Robin, completely balance out any addictive qualities I might be exhibiting.

It's about balance...erm...well, I like to think I am finding some sort of balance.



Hee! This made me grin! Such a fun, insightful post.

A fellow addict (Cxx)


You are cracking me up. This is exactly right! So me, but I don't want an intervention. I love this post! It needs to be in Artful Blogging magazine. It's perfect. Also, this picture of you is completley amazing - so beautiful. Hey, when you get a chance, won't you please stop by my blog? I left something there I hope you will enjoy.


Just got your message - fabulous! You better vote for my banana bread! (I'm totally kidding) See you then!


Yes, I've been there....Hoping you are still coming out to the sale this weekend!


I can't even imagine what you're talking about:)!


Okay, you've been spying on me. I can tell - you've peeked through my windows & noticed that HUGE pile of unfolded laundry on the chair next to my bed. You've paid attention to the fact that I can no longer go ANYWHERE without my camera. That there pieces of paper strewn about my house with odd comments or words - " parallel trunks: Wild Trees", "spoof Robert - white rifle picture". You've seen all that unopened mail, the unscrubbed tub. You KNOW I need a haircut.

I am SO blogging about this.

:) Debi

m. heart

oooooh, i have had more sleepless night since i began my blog than i care to admit, and, zombie-like, i often find myself sitting in front of my laptop before i've even brushed my teeth in the morning! and now i am "just checking" my google reader at work. yet the blog has me taking photos, writing, and communicating with new friends on a daily basis. so how can that be bad, right?

Jen the Mom

You described my sentiments perfectly!

I think the joy of blogging is that I can feel like I have experienced so many different emotions in a very short time which makes me feel energized and like I've accomplished something for the day.

Now if I could actually accomplish house cleaning or errand running as fast as I accomplish emotional payoffs from the web I'd be ecstatic.

Cookie Monster

What's on your Honey Bunny to do list?

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