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July 25, 2008


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It seems that every cabinet, closet, armoire and drawer in my house needs reorganizing in a major way. Once upon a time, mine was the house that every visitor left commenting on how amazingly clean and beautifully organized it was. Sadly, this is no longer true. Digital scrapbooking and of course all the kiddie activies have drastically reduced the amount of time I am willing to devote to house cleaning. I really thought that the kids being home from school for the summer would bring some relief to our hectic schedule but truth be told, we are even busier. Every time I get the chance to get some cleaning done....well...I scrapbook. Ah well, I'm enjoying it!


Your photo is adorable, fabulously adorable and clever. If you are even on my site for 3 minutes instead of 3 hours, I feel honored for your visit. But I'm glad you spent some time away from the computer and at that dreamy flea market.

It's so fun to have a new friend like you!


Margie and I spent the weekend together. We had not seen each othersince March. What do you think we did? There was the usual amount of cooking, eating, drinking, dock sitting, short hikes over to the absent neighbour's cottage to peer in windows, laughing and story telling. But mostly, we talked about our blog. We plotted and planned. I took 700 pictures and I have no idea how many she took. While I was driving the 4.5 hours home and I was wishing for a voice recorder so that I could capture all my thoughts.



What a WONDERFUL photo! I am crazy about this!

Luckily MY computer is at work, so what I mostly avoid is , well, work. :)




I LOVE this picture of you! It was so great meeting you in person yesterday. Looking forward to seeing your pictures!


Oh my ~tweet friend~ you are too funny with this post but oh so true! I struggle with my inner voice too NOT to spend too much time on the PC surfing blogs or editing my 1000's of photos and deciding which I'll use on my blog...heh there is life other than blogging the big voice in me (((shouts)))..Get out into the garden or get the vacum out!!
Glad to hear you're the same! Enjoy the bakeoff this weekend..away from the PC! :) NG


cleaning and azal. bushes be damned! They will be there tomorrow and the day after and the day after and the day after. Life is too short to worry over such trivial things...go blog, live free and have fun! :)Can't wait to see the photos from this weekend.


P.S. Love the photo!


Yes, yes, yes. I did get my house cleaned finally, and I must say I was pretty good yesterday :-). There is just so much to learn and so much to see! Who can blame us?


Oh I can relate to you right now...I am staying at a house where I am dogsitting, and have to go back to my place regularily to be with my little bunny, and I feel as though I am being tugged in all sorts of directions and can't stay on top of it all! So I am falling behind in writing posts, reading posts, and staying in the loop...and I am missing being here in blogland.
Life just gets too busy sometimes! I guess I just need to go with the flow.



Love the pic! And empathise entirely with your predicament!


High Desert Diva

Oh fun! Having Barnhouse envy here...

Say hello to my friends Donna & Philip who will be judging, too.


Oh Tweetie bird! Thanks for the visit at my new abode. Please update your link in your sidebar too, for me. Thanks so much!
I've added you, you are now one of the founding TypePad peeps on my list!

meg duerksen

love your picture!
i am so glad to hear your confession.
i do the same thing.
hours and hours.

thanks for sending me new friends.
everyone is welcome.

i am super jealous about the flew market.
but in 1 week exactly i will get to go back to my most favorite flea market in IL.
i haven't gotten to go for 3 years! i am so ready!
have a great time.


Hi Tweety, thanks for visiting my blog today, such an honor to have you come by. I actually did a post at make mine pink last night about you, so you should of had some visitors come from there...right? So glad to have found you, I love interesting bloggings with personality and enlightment. I run a brick and mortar shop, all this week I have been buying estates before and after work and painting shop, so my blogging has been very brief, well for me! Enjoy your weekend.


Priceless, that's what this is, PRICELESS! That pic sent me into a full heart smile. Gotta love it!

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