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August 17, 2008


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amazing amazing shots. my hummingbirds are all a-blur. just breathtaking in the details!


the secret dear is to just spread your wings and BELIEVE. xoxo

Wayfaring Wanderer

Inspired by Robin:


how incredibly beautiful and oh my gosh, my 'take flight' photo does seem incredibly fitting here :) maybe you will have to send me your address so i can send you a print ... yes, i think that would be lovely ... xo


Such a lovely post, inspiring pictures. I think I'm going to lean back in my office chair and daydream myself out of here. :)

Paris Parfait

Absolutely beautiful photos. And you can add to your list that swifts, who live on the wing. They never stop flying for at least two years! xo


What inspiring words! I kind of do a fly leap thing every so often at take off, I think your words will help me with my take off and landing. I love these pictures! So vivid!


How could we all not want to spread our wings and take flight after reading such beautiful words? I've always thought that to be a hummingbird would be the most perfect thing. If only I could be one for just one day, and feel that kind of freedom.
This is so beautiful Robin. Each time I visit you I am nourished...my heart fills up and I smile, so grateful that you are there.
So much love

Wayfaring Wanderer

Once you learn to fly
Standing, walking, or running
Will no longer do.....

That's my response in form of a haiku :) Maybe, my task will be to find a photo that fits the haiku your post inspired :o)

The photos are lovely, I especially love the 1st hummingbird shot....it's almost as if there is a spotlight on it's breast.....I also love [your] billowy blankets of bokeh in the first shot......


These are amazing. Those two blue flower images. WOW. Big impact. And what kind of lens are you using to get such amazing and sharp bird photos? The hummingbird -- I could never get one to slow down enough! I am in awe. (And you're quite a poet, too -- with a beautiful metaphor!) Love the flight thoughts!


oh robin, those are gorgeous and your writing, well, fancy might be a good word. beautiful photos, as usual. however i think we sometimes fly by the seat of our pants when we are feeling courageous. not just clueless. margie


Robin! Your photos are so incredibly gorgeous that my computer couldn't take it all and crashed.

These are some seriously wonderful photos, perhaps your best yet! The colors are almost other-wordly. Did you learn new things in your classes to inspire you so? I think you are just so lucky to have all of this beauty fluttering around you.

You must be lucky, because you also won my little contest...check my post this morning to see more.

xoxo and thanks for sharing such miraculous images.


I was reading this quite wonderful post, thinking that now you've added poetry to your list of accomplishments, and then thinking about birds (I have a funny little bird thingy/poem/questionnaire I'll share with you sometime), and just generally oohing & aahing & especially when that big blue ocean of flower scrolled into view - a sharp intake of breath at that point - and then I saw it was for ME!! And so my day begins with happiness & friendship & blue flowers & birds & dream flights.

:) Debi


how beautiful are these hummingibrds....what a great way to start my monday....thank you !!!


Love all that you share.
Love Jeanne


I do believe you have not only spread your wings but indeed have learned to fly my dear. These are truly breath taking.


Ahhhhhh, the beauty of the hummies. Great captures of some of nature's finest little birds...

m. heart

these are gorgeous, thank you! the first looks so smooth and sleek, but i love the rumpled feathers of the second!

High Desert Diva

Just wonderful...


PS: loving the macro lens? is on my birthday and xmas list! but with little boy in the picture, maybe not yet! soo sooo love macro lens! have fun! (have you ever tried to take a close up of your teeth? heehee...it's VERY funny! just dont' post it!) xx


i'm flying,
preparing to fly.
in between the known
and not known.

I'm flying.
to my dream
our dream
into uncertainty
but truth.

i'm flying,
in an aeroplane.
towards light.

i'm flying
free (i think)

Thank you for making me think about flying! xx

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