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August 19, 2008


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I really, really, really want that pink door. Really, REALLY!

I absolutely adore your shopping photos. What an eye.

High Desert Diva

Just catching up after being on vacation. Great shots of this sale. I plan on attending the September show...can't wait!

mrs. sarah ott

i love this place you're showing pictures of; it feels like i've been there once. maybe in my dreams. its that beautiful.


the pics you did manage to get are quite stunning dear...love those old doors and the fans...sure wish I lived close enough to make a trip to this place...my kinda shopping. xoxo


It is perfectly fine if you call me Lizzie... it's the nickname my uncles call me. :)

And if I'd ever made it to this place, I might have handcuffed myself to a piece of furniture and refused to leave. Shopping heaven right there.

Paris Parfait

P.S. I have a wrought iron daybed for the garden - am just missing the garden, alas!

Paris Parfait

What a fun time and some really lovely things, as well! Linda does a great job styling it all. And Monica is beautiful - what a smile! Thanks for taking us along with your candid camera! xoxox


She does know how to set the stage! Lovely. Your photographs makes me feel I am there. Great job my tweety.


Oh my....wouldn't it be absolutely scrumptious to have an iron bed complete with white linens in the garden?!!?!?!!?
Despite all of your photographic challenges, you took some wonderful images! And you have a 50mm 1.4? I'm so wishing I had that one...I have the 1.8 but would love that extra shallow depth of field...perfect for lot's of magical bokeh shots I'm guessing.


I am in love with that pink door! You take wonderful photos and your photos of people are always so Lovely!

Barn House

Oh Robin!! Thank you soooo much for coming out and spending the time to take these beautiful photographs. AND thank you so much for the disc with pictures from the Flea Market!!! You are more than welcome to come out and take pix early anytime you like. You are definitely a VIP at Barn House. :o)

J & J


Those fans. I want them. I am loving old fans these days. Hey, I may even be an old fan.
So, it's going to be fun when Margie and I come and you take us to the Barn House, isn't it?



I can barely stand to look at all the goodies. Those old doors are to die for! I want at least one!


This place is so full of imagination and whimsy! Thank you for sharing all of the Barn House's treasures with us! Great photos, and the last one of Monica is a great impromptu portrait.


This is wonderful -- I can't imagine what a magical experience it would be to surround yourself with all that loveliness! If I ever get to Portland, can we put this on the list? I think your photos are lovely -- and I know exactly what you mean about the barn and the lighting and all. What makes for a glorious shopping/goggling experience isn't always the best for the photographer. Some of my best -- and my most disappointing -- photographs came from visiting a Shaker Colony. When the light was good, the photos were amazing. But when it was too diffused, dark, or high-up (the barn) it was very disappointing. Photographs of the mind, I keep telling myself, because that batch of pix didn't work. I'm very fond of the cherubs with the crowns -- and bottles too! And that lovely white hanging piece with compartments! Linda is a mighty talented woman and this place is so genuinely beautiful.

Very nice work, my friend!


I would Love to spend the day at the Barn House. I would also love to have a million dollars to spend there too! Every thing is so beautiful!


Darn it! I am sooo sorry I missed this event! It looks wonderful. Your pictures capyured the magic! Did you find yourself some goodies this time?


What a wonderful place to visit, and great photos. I want that iron bed too, covered with the quilt. I have always wanted one and it's on my list :) Thank you for such a wonderful visit to The Barn House.


oh honey, these are so beautiful ~ it truly does look like a magical place, magical!! when i come to portland maybe you can take us there, tee hee ... i heart heart heart that pink door!!

meg duerksen

oh wow this place is so beautiful. i would love to be able to be there. i wouldn't even need to shop...just fill my mind with beauty.

but shopping would be okay too.
you are so lucky to live near this.


big shout out to robin for putting us on her side bar along with her other friends!!! our first link, yay kath and margie, real bloggers!! thanks robin.


okay, can we stay at your house when we come down? if kath and i don't get down to that barn house soon i don't know what will happen. by the way, i did the bed in the garden thing, it only works if you live in the desert where it doesn't rain. it never fails that something that shouldn't get wet is left on the bed i don't know if zippy is tall enough to jump up on a bed but our dog at the time, pasha, thought she had won a lottery. great photos, as usual, missy bird.

Karen Mowrey

Oh wow! I want to buy it all, own it, live there and have Monica's gorgeous skin!


What gorgeous pictures! And Monica is super pretty!



All your photos are so beautifully composed. I especially like the one with the bottles, lit up just so from behind.

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