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September 29, 2008


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Ooooh...very mysterious! What's you project?? Huh??? Huh??? (If you were standing beside me I'd be poking you in the shoulder, asking this question).

margie kardash

i hope zippy isn't being neglected. xo

Paula Scott (aka Molokai Girl)

How wicked to tease us! But, what fun too! The anticipation is too much. Hurry!

meg duerksen

hmmmm...do i know what this is?
i am totally confused.

sounds interesting.


I'm waiting......


This is just soooo sweet. Can't wait to read the full story.


My tweety friend, you have me intrigued! That little fellow is adorable. Love squirrels.

My castle in Spain

Oh...this is too cute !


:-) I love squirrels!

I await more news on your awesomeness.



I so love that every time I come by you have something so delicious that you are sharing :)
Oh my, the nail biting that will ensue until the unveiling!


Hmmm... wonder what it could be. If that isn't the cutest squirrel I have ever seen.


I won't breath until I know what you are up to :-).
Lovely little guy!


Oh goodness gracious! Look at that little fellow!

Tell us the surprise secret. Man, you and Debi! OOOH! Is that a HINT?!


oh gosh ... i am on the edge of my seat :)


Oh, dear! The suspense is killing me! (And what a sweet little guardian!)

spread your wings

i can't wait to see what you have to share. : )

Wayfaring Wanderer

Ooooh, I bet I know what it is!! haha j/k


oh, i think i've figured it out - this is some kind of walk of fame, nature style, and our names and email addy's are all engraved on these concrete stones.

the squirrel is a groupie, who hangs out hoping for a nut to be tossed his way.

how SWEET of you to immortalize all of us forever in your garden, robin.... tehehehehe

High Desert Diva

Ooohhh....a secret!


Oh my, I do love a good mystery. I can't wait to see what you have been up to my dear!


Well, isn't this post full of juicy suspense??

What a little sweetie pie you captured here...what was she guarding? Can't wait to hear more!



Sneaky you! You should be ashamed!

:) Debi


What a cutie! Can't wait to hear about the top secret project in the works.

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