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December 01, 2008


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Christina Martin

I love these. I can't stop looking at them. I love the mood of the photographs.


I come by way of Chris's blog and boy was she right, this is a fabulous post! I love the way you see things. My favorites are the birds and the single red leaf. Thanks for the inspiration.


just love love love these. Great post!

Wayfaring Wanderer

O WOW! What an enchanting tour.....those shots are amazing!


My tweetie friend this is just breathtaking. Your photography grows leaps in bounds, it is almost catching up to your imagination!

sandra Evertson

Your photos are the most beautiful I've ever seen!
Your work is like a cross between a photo, a painting and an engraving!
I can get lost in their lushness!
I hope you are submitting more work to Life Images!
Sending you Seasons Greetings and Holiday Cheers!
Sandra Evertson


Dear Robinbird,
All of your beautiful photographs have frozen your outing with Kelly. Each shot is interesting and poignant in it's own rite. Each has a gentle, quite story to tell.

Like you, I have a reverence for the dead and feel at peace in cemeteries.

Hope you are well today.
That the little birds are singing a joyful song.



Robin, every time you go on a photographic outing, you come back with the most amazing treasures...not just incredibly beautiful photographs, but your reflections on your journeys through these places, especially graveyards, are deeply moving and thought provoking. Everything that comes from you is of such depth and authenticity.

Much love


Robin, Robin, Robin. What do I even say? I am speechless. Moved. Blessed. Ok, maybe not speechless. I am very rarely speechless. But, my deeply impressed state feels as though it should leave me speechless.

I see these images and I long to take a walk with you and learn to see the way you see. The first two drew me in and made me sigh. The third made me catch my breath at the beauty. And the fourth? Oh. I still haven't gotten past the fourth. More beauty than I can absorb. So happy just looking at this.

When? Oh when? Are you going to open your Etsy shop?


Your photographs are exquisite and so are you.
Love Jeanne


What lovely photographs..you are very talented!! Take care~~


amazing photos. i admit; they made me a bit sad - especially with the memory ones and walking through the house. made me sad because they were so well done i suppose - striking a cord


I have been so anxious to see these photos!!!! They are incredible. I'm at work at the moment and I cannot take the time to comment as I wish...so I promise to stop back this afternoon!!



All beautiful but that last picture?! Amazing!

soeurs du jour

robin, although i am in love with your photos, i am not in love with the graveyard theme. it is so exceptionally sad for me. as you know i am jewish and the main idea behind the recital of the Kaddish or mouner's prayer is merit of a departed soul, it is not about death or mourning, but the public proclamation of G-d's greatness. By rising from the depths of anguish and loss to offer praise to G-d, we transform the event of death into an act of life.

Even more important than the recitation of Kaddish is the Torah we study, the mitzvot, or commandments that we respect, the charity that we give, the good that we do, with the intention that it be l'iluiy nishmat, for the sake of the "elevation of the soul." If the desire to give to the one who has passed on is what impels us to learn something we would not have otherwise learned, to do a mitzvah we otherwise would not have done, to go higher and further than we would have otherwise gone, then this soul lives in us. Our hands and feet, mind and heart and mouth become the hands, feet, mind, heart and mouth of the departed soul. and so this is the reason that each wednesday, today, i attend a torah study class. to better understand.

and so, this weekend is the anniversary of my husband's death, and i will visit the cemetary. i know it is out of character for me to write a comment like this, but this week it is what i am thinking about. xoxo

John Maslowski

Robin, I'm amazed at the number and quality of the photographs that you take. You definitely are a very creative person and have an eye for composing great shots. These are stunning and beautiful, exceptional work.


If there is an eternal sleep, is there perchance an eternal dream? Could that explain the haunting beauty of these images? You have captured more of what is behind the veil than what shows itself to the rest of us. Wicked hand that opens the shutter and allows the eye to imagine what will be seen by others. Love every one of them, but you already know that.


It makes you wonder if they were trying to take their money "with them", so to speak. I like Debi's comment about the pay to the craftsmen balancing things out.

I absolutely love the image of the berries with the tomb in the background, as well as the image of the tomb just above the angel shot. Absolutely gorgeous.

It does feel chilly! Though chilly and rainy seems a more appropriate time to wander a graveyard somehow, like the sky is mourning too.


OMG...such fabulous photos. I love old cemetaries. Cindy

Paula Scott (aka Molokai Girl)

Oh my goodness, Robin! I have been awaiting these images and they are from another world indeed!
Those are quite immense tombs. I am so used to seeing bare bones minimal. At the graveyard on Molokai, some of my family members barely have markers on their grave. And if they do, they might have their names painted on it (usually on a simple wooden cross). As far as money goes, it is most certainly a "have not" situation. But, only in money. And, as they say, you can't take it with you!

susanna's sketchbook

Robin, these photographs are sooooo beautiful and serene. I like how you play with your depth of field, focusing on a certain subject to direct the viewer's eye. And that last photo of the illuminated mother trapped behind the gate of life... Oh, I wish I was with you during that walk. :)


omigoodness, Robin, these actually gave me the chills! So beautiful. You really have found places that make your talents shine. I know we all sound like broken records but your photography is truly amazing. You touch some very deep chords with us.

Last night I saw a documentary and it showed a cemetery in Santiago, Chile. The cemetary looked like the most amazing place and all I could think of was you!


Oh. Robin. Amazing.

Thank you.



The good and bad
may lie in repose
in the earth's embellishment,
but the future is fixed.

Brenda Kula

Absolutely STUNNING photographs! Mind-boggling, to think we are separated in death as in life. The "haves and the have nots." I too love to roam the quiet cemetaries with camera in hand. I am one to shun noise, so these places are perfect for me. Keep up the good work! These are truly inspiring.

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