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December 08, 2008


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Wayfaring Wanderer

"Blank as in having a distracted mind and a troubled heart"
Right now, this is exactly where I am.....I just can't bring myself to blog...... :(


Very thought provoking post. I feel we are each here in our way to support one another, and that when we face our fears that's when we received the most valuable gifts.

maya @ springtree road

if i am to believe nietzche, we are about to give birth to one heck of a dancing star here in my household.

my escape plan? i can't develop one until my sweet hubs finds a job. then i'll let you know.

until then, i'm just trying to lighten my mind whenever it starts feeling dark.


Beautifully written, thank you!


Miss you! Hope all is well.


Robin: I have taken the time to read all the comments and WOW..what a response! I took much comfort myself in the words and messages your audience gave! Elizabeth's poem.. how I feel! Wow wow wow...amazing feedback!


Oh Robin here you go again with a thought provoking post that touches me deeply! The quote""We need chaos in our soul to give birth to a dancing star." speaks to me!
Caring for a mother with dimentia and hearing the loud voices in my head daily the turmoil I feel..I shall remember"
"We need chaos in our soul to give birth to a dancing star."
so I will think like the red maple and become a dancing star soon..I hope...thank you for this post sweet friend.xo


Wow...this post knocked me right over. Nothing to post about, you say?? I don't think so!!!!
Robin, you absolutely amaze me.
We are all dealing with fear, to some degree aren't we? Some days more, some days less. Some days we worry about *legitimate* things, some days we fear things that later leave us shaking our heads wondering why we wasted so much time worrying about nothing!
I have a magnet on my fridge that says *it is only scary if you think it is* and this has been a gentle reminder for me in times of fear and pain, but now I want to add your three amazing quotes to my list of faves. They are wonderful! And so are you dear friend. I will return again and again to read this post.

Love you xo


And why aren't we befriending fear? how are we to conquer the enemy if not with love and forgiveness? Let your heart rest, allow fear to enter and welcome it with open arms, learn from it and see what it really tells you about itself and you.

Let your senses smell fear, taste fear, hold it in the palm of your hand. Offer it a home and a tear. Often fears dissolve by the touch of love and tearful tenderness. Safety is but an illusion and security is a breeze that blows here and there into our lives. And when all else fails, wait. Just sit quietly and wait. The Universe is neither deaf nor blind. You will get your answer, not from us, but from within you. Of course you knew that. Why otherwise to ask?


You are the red maple leaf and you will be a dancing star.

You stand out in the drab winter scene, the one with color, individuality, and strength.

Knowing this will help you as you glide, then dance, through your fear.

Christina Martin

I escape toward what ever it is, hoping it doesn't get the best parts of me. I try and be brave. And when words just don't appear, I just, click away. ; )



Once again, you leave me stunned by the beauty of your thoughts... xo Laurie

m. heart

“why do you stay in prison
when the door is so wide open?

move outside the tangle of fear-thinking.
live in silence.”


Paula Scott (aka Molokai Girl)

You had me prepped for "I have nothing to say or post" and then....WHAM!!!
Holy Moly!
My plan? Pratyahara...other than that, I'm just a hitch hiker on this path we call life.


"Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead." -Louisa May Alcott

When I'm stuck I reach out to the blog world and it usually gets me back on track.

susanna's sketchbook

Gorgeous photograph, Robin! Your photographs are poems. And these quotes sum so perfectly how you are feeling (although I hope that you find yourself in a calmer, happier place soon). Wishing you well... :)



I want to offer the wisest words, the best advice, a timely quote. I'm not sure I can manage that, though I will try. Here's what I know I have to offer. I have two listening ears. Two reading eyes. Two open arms. One open heart. I offer them to you with love and affection.

And, not just me. I see that all of us here on this page offer you the same. You have a world of support here. Aren't we bloggers so blessed? Whether you tell a lot or a little on this page, you will find support, love, compassion. This world we inhabit is so incredible. What a blessing.

I guess that's what I do when I need to escape, when I'm sad, when I'm caught between this and that. I count my blessings. Literally and for a long, long time. I write them down, I say them aloud, I focus on the silly little ones as well as the big. Maybe the best way to escape is to walk through. Remember that you don't walk alone.

Joan LoCicero

Dear beautiful robin bird...

I too have been caught in the 'in between' place, sometimes for months on end. Even though I do not know the circumstance... I do know the journey.
Please know you are not alone, and more importantly... know that you are deeply loved.


Troubled hearts and hurting souls...it must be that time of year. I am posting along those lines tomorrow. But, for today and to answer your question, I tend to first procrastinate, letting the fear build up, then I attack the problem head on and realize that the fear was unfounded and it really wasn't as bad as all that. Friends help. So do puppy dogs and kitties. And a glass of wine. Just one. And sunsets with camera in hand.


Tangobaby and Margie have spoken so wisely and lovingly that there is not much for me to add. It is scary my Tweetie friend this business of life, no doubt about it but fight to live in the present. Everything else is conjecture and what ghosts us humans can make of the unknown! Get your camera out, go have cookies, there is a nice friend offering to make some for you and LIVE.


I'm caught between the excitement of the unknown and the safety of the familiar. My escape is to appreciate the pain of leaving the familiar, because I know it's taking me in the right direction.

I've been listening to One Fine Wire by Colbie Caillat over and over the past few days - it makes me tear up.

"I try so many times
but it's not taking me
and it seems so long ago
that I used to believe
and I'm so lost inside of my head
and crazy
but I cant get out of it
I'm just stumbling

And I'm juggling all the thoughts in my head
I'm juggling and my fears on fire
but I'm listening as it evolves in my head
I'm balancing on one fine wire

And I remember the time my balance was fine
and I was just walking on one fine wire
I remember the time my balance was fine
and I was just walking on one fine wire
but It's frayed at both the ends
and I'm slow unraveling

Life plays so many games inside of me
and I've had some distant cries, following
and their entwined between the night and sun beams
I wish I were free from this pain in me"

Your post was so beautiful. I have no words of wisdom, but remember that you are loved. I have a random day off tomorrow and no plans. If you are not working, you are welcome to come hang out on my couch and I will bake you some cookies. Zippy can come along and entertain Atlas. :)


I am with Kath on this one. I have been in the same space as you this week and have come to acceptance. Fear has no place to hide. You are loved my dear Robin and I am sending muny hugs your way.


Wonderful idea! Well, to tell ya the truth, I haven't done ANY of those things either. I am just now putting little Christmassy things out. Bah humbug? Not quite, but the spirit hasn't moved me yet.


Dear sweet robin bird,

You have all of the gifts and tools you need to make it through whatever is troubling you now, and no doubt you will wake one day soon to see the fear receding like a bad dream.

You are surrounded by friends, loved ones, nature, books, colors, images, trees and water. And probably many more helpers that I don't know to name.

When the days are shorter and darker and colder it's hard. When there are fears that no one but yourself can see and fear, it's hard. But you are never alone. You are always treasured and always loved.

What to do? Take it slow. Or muster up your strength and jump ahead quickly. Whatever you think is best will be the right thing. And if you can't decide, just wait and your path will be revealed to you.



My escape is here.....where I can read that others have the same feelings and thoughts as myself...there is safety in that...it feels like home. ;) I don't plan an actual escape...sometimes, those fears shape my very being and I am okay with that. I draw from it and create with it whether it is photography, scrapping or painting. Some times we need fear or sadness to truly appreciate the things that are truly good.....like being here with you.

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