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December 27, 2008


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how very regal little Liv looks in her crown...and I adore that photo of her face smushed against the glass as she tries to catch a last glimpse of Rudolph soaring over the roof tops and out of sight. xoxo


oh, she is adorable!

I'm sorry about the roof. I hope insurance takes care of it.

Happy after Christmas!!! :)


good! xx


Those are beautiful pictures of precious baby Olivia. There's nothing like a child at Christmas, is there? I'm glad you aren't letting the weather get you down. Be well. Much love, Relyn


Well of course she is just the most beautiful & wonderful baby ever - my mother has even commented on what a sweetie she is. I love your collage & that adorable squooshed up face. I am also happy no person or animal was on the patio when your roof collapsed. Thank goodness! But this IS a new opportunity for you to makeover Avalon, as you said, and enjoy a bit more light through gray days. Or white days?

Take care!!!
:) Debi


i was wondering if i could get the family discount for counselling?


That picture of Olivia with her face smashed against the window is one of the cutest pics I have ever seen!!!!! Love the snow princess Olivia and all the pics from last year and this year.. she is cute as a button.. It is delightful to see your sbpages again.. love the way you make the pages!! XO Christa


The Holiday Bliss collage is wonderful!! And your little Princess is priceless. =) You've really got some snow damage there - fingers crossed that the insurance will cover it.

So Robin are you going to follow my friend, Lauri's advice about taking the equivilent of a roll of film? Lauri is a fellow glass artist and he is from Finland. Yes, Lauri is a he. He was explaining one day that they have unisex names - all of the names can be used for either male or female, which I found very interesting.


I do love the boxer collage of Winter Princess Olivia. That photo of her looking out the window is simply priceless, I know you must be thrilled that your daughter has caught the photog bug. Your emails will surely be filled with many wonderful Olivia surprises. ;)

Paula Scott (aka Molokai Girl)

Holy Cows!! Well, they say this is the Season of Light! Who'da thought it would happen like this for you???

spread your wings

what a sweet collage of your little Olivia.
enjoy the rest of the holiday!


Ours was wonderful. Crazy nutty typically wonderful. Our snow is gone, it is mild and rainy. It took Margie and extra four hours to get home because it was so foggy today. But we are blissfully well after our three short days together. There was screaming laughter last night, you would have loved it!

Much Love .... Kath, the younger


The princess has magic talents; no muggle here! I believe she gets it from the maternal grandparent side. I hear the waiting list at Hogwarts is years long ever since Harry Potter made it world famous. Better sign up soon and she will be receiving a letter with green calligraphy before long :-)

An utterly delightful post filled with mirth and charm. Thanks for the smiles, Robin.



P.S. Good luck with your insurance claim.


I love your magical winter wonderland, especially with O at the reins! Poor you with the roof falling in. I'm happy no one (or thing) was hurt in the chaos. What a time you've been having with all that snow. Enjoy the Season regardless. Happy happy!


Happy betwixt holidays. Such positivity here. As ever.



That is a fantastic collage. Her smooshy face had me in giggles!


Happy After Christmas -- how I love seeing Olivia's magic world. A princess, indeed! I am hoping your damage stops at what has happened, and am relieved you have the insurance.

It's an odd mix of winter and spring. After subzero temperatures, we're not in the 50s, it's pouring and lightning and I took some wonderful fog photos in the cemetery. I know you h ave much to be joyful about this season, and it makes me joyful as well. Merriest and Happiest to you!


My tweety friend what beautiful collages and WHAT BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS!!!! I am glad you are enjoying your holidays.



Blessings and much love
I love all you share
Love Jeanne ^j^

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