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December 29, 2008


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This may not be exactly what you were looking for, but for me it was a happy accident. I was visiting my sister in Wyoming. I threw the camera up for one last shot because I really liked this tree and here is what I got. It is un-photoshopped.



I like your happy accident and not sure if my accidents look as good as this, I might look though my shots and see what I can find.


Now that is a happy accident! Love the shot through the bokeh. I've been (and still am) having computer issues. Just trying to catch up before I tackle the issues again.


I had to laugh when I saw the title of this blog posting:
a happy accident
a pleasant situation or event that is not planned or intended. We never planned to have a third child - it was a happy accident.

Hubby's mother has always said that he was a happy accident.....lucky for me! :)


i completely adore this image ... oh my gosh, so glad you saved it from your trashcan ... lesson i learned a long time ago, never delete. as your eye changes and grows and develops, you might go back to the discard pile and realize that there are hidden gems that you weren't able to yet see :)



Good morning, me again. The first photo in my post today was a happy accident. We were in the car, I was the passenger and had the shot framed and ready to go, the light changed and BB moved with the traffic. I missed my intended shot but got a way better one! Happy New Years Eve Eve!



High Desert Diva

I always enjoy these photos. Just saw one posted on Willow Manor's blog, too.

Every weekend I do a shadow shot with Hey Harriet. She uses Mr. Linky to connect all the photos (links) easily. Might be an easier way to view all the Happy Accidents...


Good morning sweet lady..when posting photos for our blogs we have the freedom to have "happy accidents". Showing only our best I am sure would fall into published images if so lucky!My opinion only.
Your image I see was taken through glass leaving reflection of tree lights! Hummm....the LIGHT of your life perhaps.
I recently posted a photo with those same reflections..and that was ok with me.."a happy accident"
Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with much inspiration!


It needs no salvaging. It is pure beauty.

I had fun tilting my laptop screen and viewing it at different levels of darkness.

My happy accidents:


i love the colors ...the blue fence and the hair!! spikes...
you are so pure and such fun Tweets...my post is not quite an accident but an "out of place "


Truthfully? All my photos are happy accidents, I still am so unsure of what I'm doing! I love the orange, it is my favourite colour you know.


I love this photograph. It almost reminds me of the photo where you can see two images - the elderly wrinkly grandmother and the young fashionable wife. Because of a trick of the light, I can almost see a woman, and then I can also see a man in thought. I also see bits and pieces of memories: a person, a garden, flowers .. all in the same image. Beautiful.


I love this just for the colour alone. I love those happy accident photos that show what is possible when we get out of our own way and don't judge the end result. Beautiful image!


OMG! This is gorgeous! I always leave the happy accidents in my paintings - I like the history to be there - what happened, what came before, what I decided to do about it. I know photography is different, but every blurry Christmas lights photo I took seemed happier than the exactly perfect (ha!)ones. Those pictures I get when I accidentally fire the camera - crooked doors & windows - always grab my attention. I am excited to see more of your "accidents" - if you believe in accidents, she adds mysteriously.

:) Debi


Lovely imagine!!! That Tangobaby leads all of us in inspiration!


I always feel the "accidents" are the best.

Susan Tuttle

This image is breathtakingly beautiful. It actually brings tears to my eyes. When I look at it, I see a man in pain; he is so very sad. But, he is being surrounded by perfect light and loving warmth from spirits around him who care so very deeply for him.

Thank you for sharing this and inviting me to see what I see.

Such a beautiful post.

Happy New Year!



I love this post and image, Robin! I feel so special that I have inspired you (for a change) as it feels like I am always coming here for my inspiration. Thank you.

Your happy accident photo just seems happy to me. Perhaps it is the orange in the foreground?

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