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December 30, 2008


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Wayfaring Wanderer

Cody always exclaims that I DON'T walk.....I do more of a stop and go! Happy accident.....I'll have to think on that one.


This is wonderful -- you look a whirlwind, and I see this photo as capturing all that goes in your marvelous mind and spirit! The words you write express it all. And beautifully!


I love seeing you in motion, in action, surrounded by one flower or many. I think you've hit it on the head... it's the process that's the fun part. I had someone write to me to ask me to teach them how to take photographs and it floored me.

That would mean teaching someone how to see. It's the journey, not the goal. Thank you for being my muse on every day I visit you here, and all the days in between. I'm looking to years more inspiration and beauty from you, dear robin bird, in whatever way you capture it and share it with us.


John Maslowski

At least you took it all in stride, even smiling about it. One thing for sure Robin, you are a very good writer and photographer. I can see you one day publishing something. What I love about digital photography is, it's evolving nature. Always something new and exciting to learn, plus you build on what you already know. Some of the greatest discoveries were made by accidents. Keep on taking pictures and keep up the writing Robin. Hope you have a great New Year!

Paris Parfait

Here's to possibility in the new year - and your trip to Paris! xoxox


are you holding a flower? or a handful of flowers? lovely


The photos with the curtain - so whimsical. I've made that same "accident" before and loved the results but I never thought to recreate the accident on purpose. What a lovely, surprise lesson.


Now 2 comments have disappeared. I promise you I have been here. Look for my footprints, and then follow them to my words. They are out there somewhere! LOL!


Hmmm . . . my comment disappeared. It was all good, I promise you, and perhaps at this very moment is fluttering about in cyberspace like your lovely little flower. And no doubt you are laughing as you watch it flit by, not sure where to go, what to do.

:) Debi


I can't add anything to Peggy's comment. It's exactly how I envision you. Okay - I'll add laughing to her words. Other than that, ditto.

:) Debi

Molokai Girl

Wow...what a summation for the year! Very right on, though about wanting to be a verb and not a noun. I couldn't agree more. I often wish that I could get my thoughts to crystalize like that and then be able to articulate it.
And, oh yes, do I love the happy accidents. The unexpected. Something that I didn't have control over but loved the outcome. There is something very exciting about that relationship of letting go of control and letting something be what it is meant to be.
I love what you do and I love what you say!


funny to me that this was an accident to you but to me it is quite a prolfic portrait of how I envision you...busily fluttering your wings between beauty and wisdom...seeing the world in a blur of creativity!


Lovely flower muse!

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