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December 31, 2008


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Rochelle Gaukel

Zippy is adorable - is she a yorkie? So small she is...


You know how I just ADORE this sweet little girl.
Love her...love you.


HEY ZIPPY! I can see her whipping around at a mile a minute:)cute pooch! HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIEND!

Wayfaring Wanderer

What a great little story.....Zippy.....I love that name!

Tom Sheehan

Zippy is cute as a button... :) And such a happy ending to her not so good start. A very nice photo of her Robin. I love looking at people's animal photos and hearing their stories. This made me smile. :)


Sweetheart of a dog Zippy

God bless us all real good in 2009 and always
Love Jeanne

Rabbit Rabbit


Happy Zippy New Year!!
Let's all be in perpetual motion even when we are still.


Paris Parfait

Great story about Zippy. And what a face! Wonderful. Happy new year, dear Robin. xoxox


yo zip. whassup? happy new year to you and your momma.


she is just adorable. after hearing her story, I think the photo captures her personality perfectly.

happy happy new year to you both! and atlas sends a big slobbery kiss. :)

Diane - Daily Walks

I love this blurred, motion effect of Zippy and of course, her story. She exudes energy and I would imagine it took the same amount of that energy to capture her. There is a new site that you might want to post this in: http://anamigo.smnr.us/ Robin... I want to wish you a VERY BLESSED NEW YEAR! I look forward to more of your photo magic.


You and Zippy are a perfect match...she was made for you no doubt. I think you both thrive together and I love seeing photos of her dancing around like a fairy fluttering it's wings in joy and bliss. She is very much mommy's little girl. ;)


I just wanted to drop by and wish you a Happy New year.


Hi Zippy, the M&M's send their love from Heavensville...

Soul Aperture

I love Zippy! you know this though. ; )She reminds me of my Abbey. I still ache for her. ; )

This is an adorable pic. Hi Zippy.

Happy New year, sweetie.


And PS -- I forgot to mention Happy New Year -- I look forward to many more wonderful visits to Avalon in 2009!


Oh, Robin, I simply adore this image! It totally catches the essence of this sweet little bundle we Tweet fans know and love. I really think this is the best story. So wonderful that she was saved and made it through, thanks to Sonja and that you were brought together.

So, on the behalf of the Big Gyp and me (he weighs in at about 14 pounds), give that Ziplet a hug, a kiss, a pat on the head! Accidents? I don't really think I believe in accidents! But if this was one, it was a happy one!


Now how adorable is she!?! She does look like she's a whirling dervish. And a very happy dog!


Oh lovely Zippy! I used to have a pair of Yorkies who owned me from start to finish. I used to introduce myself as "I am their human" Tatiana and Anastasia were such big names for such little princesses, but not least they were Marie Antoinette and company, would have sufficed. I simply adored them. Anastasia was "Bunny" because she never walked or ran, she hopped. And I am still in awe at how much love those tiny hearts could hold. Fifteen years later, I still miss them.
You are blessed to have Zippy as much I am sure as Zippy is blessed to have you. Happy New Year Robin, may all your accidents be happy ones.


Hello Zippy! I can only imagine that you are the perfect companion to robin bird. Zippy, please promise to give robin bird your biggest Zippy kiss for me since I can't be there to do it myself.

I love your story and your photo. have a wonderful new year!


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