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December 14, 2008


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Oh! these remind me of our last Christmas in Winchester...moving along with all the festive people...the music! the people! the twinkling lights! the oh so very cold weather!!! the yummiest! hot chocolate! oeee!!! Feel as if I was right there with you! xx


Ohhh, I so wish I could have been there with you. What a fun event for EVERYONE. Events like that bring together neighborhoods, don't they? And I've never seen a tuba with scales before - very cool - or a dog that's fallen asleep in it's owner's arms - that's one chilled out pup! I've heard so many great things about this city over the years. If ever we were to move somewhere else in the States, Portland would be on the list of possibilities.


Hi Robin! Wonderful to hear that you are feeling better and getting back into the groove.
(I noticed a lot of people have been going through a rough time the past few weeks. Then, a few days ago it seemed like a spell lifted.) I hope everything with you continues on the up-swing. Happy, happy holidays to you, m'dear!!!



What a fun thing to do! I love the look on Atlas's face in the photo with the other dog. I'm glad you're feeling better I have been trying not to worry and have instead, lifted a few prayers for you... xo Laurie


Got here via Emmatree, what a fun post, and great photos.


The more I see of your neck of the woods the more I yearn to experience it in person. It looks so rich and beautiful. And you capture its beauty in such a wonderful way which leads me to believe that your lens is a reflection of your heart.

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better and am sending lots of sunshine and wind through the leaves noises to lull your consciousness into islands of peacefulness :)


I came here via the adorable Dutchbaby. Your pictures are so alive and I am adding you to my favorites


Great photos Robin..the orange sweatshirt my fav..thanks for sharing!


This is such a hoot!!! I have never heard more than one tuba playing at once...300??? Really, there were 300? For some reason the video won't play for me, but I am determined to figure it out cause I have to hear this.

And oh...that sleeping dog had me laughing and awwwwwwing...so so cute!!

Thank you for taking us along, sweet Robin.



Glad your back!

John Maslowski

A Tuba Christmas, this is a first for me. Looks like a fascinating event. The vibrant colors and costumes are fascinating. You captured the mood and atmosphere perfectly Robin. A wonderful fun loving event beautifully photographed.


Unabashed tubaism! Three hundred reasons to celebrate our blessings!


So glad you are feeling well. I missed you. ; )

PS: I had the same problem on typepad but my comments were lost. I moved.



Hi I have come via Elizabeth's blog. I really like the way you have showcased this event and I really enjoyed the way you processed your photos it warms the heart in cold weather.

Paris Parfait

Great slice of life photos, Robin! I have been sick since returning from Philadelphia, so can sympathise with what you've been going through. Hope you're feeling much better now and all is well. xoxox


glad you're toasty and warm, feeling better now.
i love the shot of the sign. very cool.


well, isn't that the cheeriest damn post. heh heh. xo

High Desert Diva

I've never seen a personalized (lizard) tuba (or any instrument) before.

Love the sign shot.

Not sure about 300 tubas....


That video and the photos are great! I especially liked the street sign and the one of Atlas and the horse...I mean Great Dane. That thing is huge!! And I can just see that little girl on her dad's shoulders spilling her hot chocolate all over her dad's head! Great!!


Mwah. So glad to see you today.

Much love


I was going to post a photo of the man in the kilt and white tights, but then I saw your photo so I changed mine. I loved the photos and the description! It made me feel like I was there again - and now my fingers are cold, tee-hee.

I am cracking up at the photo of Atlas and the Dane! He looks so small and little - and I NEVER say that about my giant Atlas pup!

Your post does sound happy. :)


Oh you only share the VERY best!! A Tuba concert. ;-) It completely 'wow's' me, would have my father too. You have a great sense of humor AND glad you're feelin' betta!



How can one not love a Tuba?! Beautiful!

robin bird

a second test...

robin bird

i am testing the comment box to see what the problem is some of you are having duplicate comments and others are not able to comment...test test :)

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