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December 14, 2008


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Wow! Thanks for that great photographic story. It sounds like it was a lovely event!


The world is covered with a white blanket while the sun is shining and for the very first time in memory the hummingbird feeders froze last night. The old ones I used to wrap in bubble wrap and get up in the middle of the night to make sure they were still fluid, these darling little ones bought to make the birds more comfortable apparently think they ought to work only in summer. So, one more chore to be added to the winter ones: make sure the hummingbird feeders are liquid and the other birds have enough seeds and fat.

More snow coming our way, it is cold and maybe a bit unwelcoming outside, in spite of the sunshine today. We will bundle out the dogs and take them for a walk. Their first snow. McKenzie went wild, Aliah not so much, then again she is closer to the ground, lol.

Good to hear you are doing fine, enjoy the white blanket, we all need something that reflects the light, even a cold cold blanket like this one, or perhaps, because of its beauty, this is precisely what we need. I am stealing your shot of the sign, funny how different it looks here than from the car!


What a fun and cheerful event! Around here things seem a bit understated so it's lovely to see people out and doing something a little wacky and fun.

And more than that, I'm glad you're well and feeling your usual self again. That's most important of all.


Sandra Evertson

That was wonderful! Sending Season's Greetings your way!
Sandra Evertson


God, I am such a wuss. Really. Big time. I am moaning & groaning & whining becuase we're in the 30s here today & it's drizzly & grey & well, let's just say I am quite impressed with all you folks. Especially the ones with no gloves.

And I can just FEEL the cheeriness coming back into you. I figure it started at your toes & just warmed you all the way up to your thoughts & now fun is to be had again. !! Yay!!

Love this.

:) Debi


This is fabulous -- you guys are hard core when it comes to cold weather not stopping your fun and festivities! Did you know that Okemos, MI (a suburb here) has the International Tuba Museum? Actually, a restaurant with wildly eclectic food and lots of tubas of every kind on the wall! Very cool!

I'm so glad you got to spend a wonderful day with friends, being seasonal and celebrating the life I know you are so grateful for! Hugs!


yes TUBA Christmas is an annual event in our town as well and it looks as if the crowds enjoy it just as much in your neck of the woods Robin ~ many thanks for the interesting photos and your ongoing dialog really kept me in the spirit of the event as I sit here warm and toasty in my pjs.

I am glad you are back and I really missed your special posts full of beauty, humor and oh so much talent.


YEA! So wish I had stumbled across this wildly unique experience:) And SOOOO good to hear your sweet self again! You're making me smile (and use way too many explanation marks!!!:)

Paula Scott (aka Molokai Girl)

300 tubas? Who'da thought? Let alone folks braving the elements to enjoy it! Now, THAT'S the spirit! Thanks for bringing it to me! What a great production.

m. heart

well, wow! i thoroughly enjoyed listening to the tubas and watching your video, thanks so much for sharing part of the concert with us. i love the shot of the street sign, and that dog in the orange sweatshirt...he must take an extra large, for certain. perhaps an extra large "big and tall."

spread your wings

fantastic photos - so colorful. thank you for creating this video to share with us. glad you're back.


Oh!!! This made me happy, happy, HAPPY!! I had nearly forgotten how completely unique and weirdly wonderful Oregon is. You make me want to come home. I could keep going, but for now I will just say thank you. Those tubas and wonderful people have lifted my spirits, much as they seem to have lifted yours. Love to you.


Oh Miss Robin, I LOVE the video and hearing the tubas play. I can't pick a favorite photo this time as they are all amazing. That street sign is so cool and the tuba that reminded me of the Loch Ness Monster is so awesome. That dog in the orange shirt looks like a horse! Can't believe he wasn't on a leash. lol I am so glad to hear that the weight has been lifted off your heart and spirit so that your wings can once again take you above the clouds.

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