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January 02, 2009


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Happy New Beginning to you my friend and congratulations on the one year anniversary of this amazing blog. I'm reading through some of your old posts today and I went through each and every picture again from Project 365. This is such a happy place for me to visit!


What a lovely book with such an inspiring list. I decided to shy away from lists and things this year and take the pressure off..but I think it is more of a timing thing. I just wasn't ready for January...so maybe my January will be February or March. Maybe not.
You are such a creative beauty.
Happy Blogging Anniversary sweet Robin Bird.



I think your gloves are cute and the photos are stunning! Blessings, Annie


First of all, happy blogaversary! Isn't it exciting to look back at the first year and realize how the world has opened in an entirely new way through this thing called a blog? Who could have imagined four little letters could open up such an enormous world? I know I've learned, grown, discovered new thoughts and had my world expanded through reading your posts. I've laughed, cried, been concerned, been relieved. And I've loved every minute (down to the point of withdrawal pains when I can't check in regularly!)

Your book is fabulous -- simply beautiful. I'll look forward to peeks into more pages over time. And when I have more than a minute, link to the other sites you mentioned. A reference from you is high praise indeed!

Happy day!


I love your Little Red Winged Book, it's beautiful! I look forward to another year of enjoying your creativity. Thank you for sharing it with us xoxo Laurie


That is a beautiful book. I have not made my list yet, but have been thinking of it. That will make a good post. Blogging has been a great avenue of change for me as well.
I am so happy I started blogging and forever grateful for all my new blogging friends like you. XOXO


Robin your inspiring blog is heartwarming and you make us feel so welcome when we stop by!It has been a wonderful year getting to know you and your photography through cyberspace and blogging.. wishing you much inspiration as you start a new year! Smiles back at you! hugs aNNa


What a beautiful book, Robin. Our blogs are a visual and written diary of our daily (bi-weekly, weekly...) lives, aren't they? I am thinking of making a blurb blog book (www.blurb.com) of my favourite blog posts from this past year. I was going to suggest that for you, too, but I think your Little Red Winged Manifesto is perfect. It's so personal, so you. It also reminds me of a child's collection in a tin box: a treasure trove of memories. Imagine your granddaughter reading this manifesto when she is in her twenties...

PS: Thank you for the nod. You have me smiling this afternoon. :)


Inspired and inspiring, your manifesto is a gorgeous work of art and a beautiful demonstration of what is to come. Happy Bloggiversary!


Oh look. I came over and found beauty and inspiration! Again!
Margie said it .... you are the sister with all the talent!


you kill me. the sister with all the talent.


one year of blogging ~you are just a wonderful friend to travel the blog world with ...you are going to have a super 2009 I just know ...that list is amazing!


My dear Robin,
My heart thanks you for the felt words you left on my blog.
I too have missed coming for a visit and being smitten with your words, photography, and appreciation for life. Your 2009 Little Red Winged Book is just precious! You my dear are an ARTIST!

Happy New Year and may you always "Pay Attention!!" xox Isabel

Wayfaring Wanderer

You certainly do have a way with words.....


Tweets!!! Look at your beautiful post, your breathtaking list! I'm so honoured to have had a small part in inspiring this work of art.
Finally, I'm done for a few days, I'll get to catching up on your gorgeous blog and writings, musings etc.
Happy Blog Anniversary! I hope to spend many more years blogging with you :)
I'm adding all your suggestions to my own list, creating a master that I will post and do my best to live up to.
Starting with my own suggestion of breathing deeper! Stress be gone! :)
Love you!!!!!!


Just happened upon your blog. What wonderful words!!! Will visit often..


May all your deeds be done with joy and patience, good tea and good laughter, and may this bring you peace and quiet moments to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 100 posts are just the first step in what I hope is a long journey to share your thoughts and photographs with us, your fortunate readers.

Paris Parfait

That's one of the most wonderful things about this blogging community - the way we support and encourage each other to do more; to fully be who we are, rather than a shadow of ourselves. I expect you will accomplish whatever you decide to do, dear Robin. Am looking forward to seeing you spread your wings further in 2009 - hopefully, all the way to Paris! xoxox


Happy anniversary, sweet robin bird. I have no doubt with that beautiful book of goals by your side, that you'll enjoy and surpass your heart's desires in no time. I keep a list like that in my head and it's ongoing...when I finish one thing I replace it with something else...but seeing your remarkable list here prepared so beautifully is an art in itself.

And as soon as #4 on the list is ready, I MUST be the first to reserve my copy! In hardcover for my nightstand to inspire my dreams too.

Happy new year and happy happy. xoxo


I like your list, Robin. I accomplished some of the same items on your list in 2008 - a Blurb book for the glass quilt project I did, I hung some of my photos in my home, I did my own Christmas cards and created a photo calendar for gift giving, and I'm learning Lightroom. Congrats on your anniversary! May you have many more posts in the future!! Happy writing, happy snapping! =)


I just painted 2 rooms of my mum's house in the last couple of days. Not an easy task.

Good luck with your beautiful list.

Molokai Girl

It is sooo true that blogging can become a part of the process of transformation. Most certainly an agent for change.
I am always in awe of people like you and Debi in the manner that you are able to put your thoughts into words. I feel that my thoughts are much like Zippy's! Moving around too fast to grab ahold of.
What a great summation of the experience! I feel so fortunate to have 'found' you!


happy merry 2009! I can't wait to follow you red winged manifesto through the year. Congratulations on your blogiversary! I realized that I missed mine .. it was earlier in December.


I have NO DOUBT that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to and that list for 2009 will be gone through in no time! You seem to get more done in one day than I do in several. I have watched the blog through this past year and literally watched the metamorphis of a butterfly. You have wings that will lift you and carry you wherever you want to go. I can't wait to see what magnificent journey you will take in 2009!


Happy New Year Robin!! Love your 2009 page and so glad to have shared the year seeing your beautiful photos and your friendship.. wishing you all that you desire in the year ahead ,,, xo Christa

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