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January 05, 2009


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Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Hi Robin! Congratulations on being published in Somerset Life! It's truly my very favorite of all...I just have to tell you Robin, how absolutely beautiful and engaging I find your photography....I would love to see an entire magazine full of your work!!! xxoo, Dawn


I was so enthralled in the pages in the mag I missed your Tweet flag! How fun! You're sweet to point it out to me. xoxo


I'm going to Barnes and Nobles today to pick up my very own copy...I sure hope they have it. This is so incredibly exciting and I'm just so very happy for you. I can't wait to read this!!!!


Congratulations Robin for being published! Well deserved..you inspire! hugs NG


I am giddy, excited and thrilled for you. My first reaction? "About time! I've known she was this good for a while now." Seriously, I am just thrilled for you. Congratulations. And, oh, what company you do keep.


Congratulations Robin, your photos are beautiful, can't wit to get my hands on this magazine.


ps...will come back and catch up on everything I have missed really soon! Just received your email too. Thank you!....so much love to you Robin.



Oh Robin....it makes me BEAM inside when I see that you and Debi have been published...you both deserve this kind of beautiful recognition. The pages look gorgeous....and I am now off to go get my own copy. This is something I must have and treasure.
Congratulations, beautiful you.
Love and hugs

Wayfaring Wanderer

My heart skipped a beat upon seeing your images in this magazine, the spread looks enchanting. I am chomping at the bit to read your article, and how appropriate for me to read this post because when I leave work today I was planning to go to the magazine store in town to see if they have the NC Wildlife Magazine where I hope to see one of my photos. Now, I can hopefully pick this one up, too!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! It is very well deserved.


So much beauty, it makes my head spin.

Tom Sheehan

This is such a nice post Robin, and that's so awesome to have your work in print. All of the images to the pages shown here look so nice, and so very well put together. Congratulations. :)


Congrats to you! You deserve it!!
I'm going to pick up an issue of this on Sunday! yay.


That is so wonderful! Congratulations, Robin. I can't wait to read it. I also love this post :-).

Karen from A`Musements

Congratulations, Robin! I am so glad that anyone who didn't already have the pleasure of reading your words, seeing your incredible photography...now have the "bead" on where you hang your hat! Your blog is always moving and I can't wait to see/read what you'll be thinking about next! Fabulous way to start 2009...

John Maslowski

Congrats Robin, well deserved. You are not only a great photographer you are an exceptional writer too. From what you have shown us, the pictures are truly beautiful and I'm sure the article is fantastic. Such an honor and a great way to start a new year.


congratulations dearie...I'm so very proud of, and happy, for you. xoxo


Wow! What fantastic news. I will have to find the magazine so that I can read it in full -- perhaps have it signed:)

meg duerksen

that is so very cool. how beautiful to sees someone's take on your work. :)
i love it. and i am happy for you!
thanks again for the rainbow licorice header.
it's perfect for january!


Girl, this is fantastic! I can't wait to get a copy!


Oh how exciting! Congratulations!!!! I am so impressed how you were able to keep this a surprise. I will search a copy pronto!


How exciting!!! Congratulations. I'm going to have to go get me a copy. I am so proud of you. Wooohoooo.


Oh my goodness! My tweety and those other bloggers which I love and admire are also there? I must have an issue immediately! Congratulations!!! So well deserved!

Jenny Doh

Congratulations, Robin. Look forward to working together in the New Year.
Jenny :)

High Desert Diva

Oh...huge congrats!

Good for you!


How absolutely fabulous Robin"! Congratulations, you look so beautiful in those pages!!! Of course this is one of the most beautiful places to see, always a delight!"

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