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February 25, 2009


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Okay, so I've been hopping all over the blog tonight. I've seen absolutey nothing in the order your posted or intended. Here are some my thoughts after an hour or so of visiting. Love the category section up top. Is that new? It was fun to hop all over the place. I also love the music you've added to the pages, it just brings a whole new dimension to reading your amazing blog. The photos...well, I just can't begin to tell you what your photography does to me. I am oh so inspired by every single picture you post. I've hardly touched the camera since Christmas and now I have the urge to get outside and get to it.

I can hardly wait for our visit. You've been on my mind so much lately, I think it's just been too long since we've had a chance to chit chat. I miss you, I can't wait to see you and thanks so much for inspiring me to get the camera back out.


John Maslowski

Enjoy Robin, have a fabulous time. Look forward to seeing your photographs of these fascinating places. Good luck and stay safe.


Hey, lovely self portrait.
Enjoy every bliss filled moment of your getaway to the beach with your friend. I'll be thinking of you hoping you are!


A 7-day photographic adventure. WOW you are so lucky. By the way that image of yours is a reflection in the mirror !!!

Soul Aperture

I really hope you are having a blast, my friend!


i can't wait to see the jewels of photo's you
bring back to share with us:)

have a brilliant time!


So that is where my sweet Tweety went! Well I hope you come back with lots of wonderful photographs for us!

Paris Parfait

Hope you're having wonderful adventures! xo

Gabrielle Kai Photography

Have a great time! I can't wait to see all of the images you will capture!


Wow sounds like fun. I wish I could go on a photo expedition.

Can't wait to see what you produce from the trip.



Exciting! Have a great time!

Molokai Girl

What a terrific adventure! I think you are the first person that I know that is intentionally going to Salton Sea! Most just drive by on tier way to somewhere else (Baja). I used to live in the San Diego area and often went camping at San Felipe in Baja.
I am looking forward to seeing the images that you will capture!


Wow Miss Robin.... your photos are amazing! I see you were into that cake before taking a pic. :) Have a wonderful trip... hugs to you and the Ziplet. xooxoxoxox


Have fun! I can't wait to see the photos you will be taking!


oh, lucky you! I can't wait to see your pictures, I know they will be amazing! Have a great trip!


Enjoy your photo vacay! It sounds like a great time. Color me green. =)


Oh, have a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to seeing all your pictures.


I just came across your blog. How beautiful! Your photos are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing such beauty with the world.


Bon Voyage!


I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS. this sounds like the adventure of a lifetime...especially for a photographer...guess I will just have to settle for looking through all the amazing photos when you return. I know you will have a wonderful time and i am glad that you two will have this time together to be creative and have fun. Be safe and know we will all miss you terribly.


How exciting! I just watched a documentary on the Salton Sea a few weeks ago. Can't wait to see the pictures!


There is nothing better than spending a glorious week with a wonderful friend -- I envision late nights, good food, eye candy everywhere you visit, and lots of wonderful photo excursions! Can't wait to see what you capture with that third eye of yours while you're gone!


beautiful inside and out...can I hide in your luggage?!


Have a great trip and I will look forward to your photos when you return. Now where in Portland are you?


Ooooo...sounds like you will be having great GIRL TIME!!! Enjoy and take lots of magical photos.

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