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March 25, 2009


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O, o, o, ooooh! How does one resist any of these treasures? I need to see you in your sock-hop dress, doing the twist to Chubby Checkers! Everything is so beautifully presented by the proprietors and by you. Thank you for bringing your world here to my desktop.


I so want to visit this "barn" with you! This is amazing...your photos are amazing!!!


Oh, I want to be there, and I want to be there NOW! Unbelievable! Love all the photos -- some are especially remarkable gems! And what a subject you had to work with! Four star, my friend.

It's nice to be back and to see you again!


I love the first photo with all the pink! You got the colors just right, it is perfect! My favorite is yours also, the deer(?) and the dried grass, I'm not even sure what it is exactly, I just know that I love it! Another winner!!!



Is the Barn Houe permanent? I'd love to visit there when I'm up there this summer.


okay, I'll have the pink cake, the pink dress and the pink paper lanterns.

Your images are beautiful and you have a very distinct style I like very much.

Laura Jannika

Your photos are so beautiful! I was showing a friend to day that is a photographer, and he was impressed. What exactly is the shutter sisters?


What lovely things but I think I enjoy the photos and the storytelling even more!

John Maslowski

I'm always amazed at the number of impressive images that you post for an event Robin. This series is truly stunning. I love the blur vignetting on some of your images, it adds a beautiful soft dreamy mood. A fascinating place very well captured.

Tom Sheehan

I enjoy your photos so much Robin. They have a nice relaxed home feeling to them, and they have so much variety to them. I always make a point to navigate to them on my Sunday morning browsing. :) Have a wonderful week.



I love everything. Beautiful photos! Wish that I could go, perhaps I will arrange my next visit home around one of these events and see you there :-).


I love how margie gets jealous, me too. Soldering is fun. My brother taught me how to do it when I was actually crafting and making stuff instead of sitting in front of my computer most of the time!


You know what Robin, the most precious part of your photography is how you capture the essence of things. That is a true gift! You are an ARTIST! This place is such a treasure! I wish I lived close by...sigh...


Oh I think I have a few new ideas for my next move. :)
It is all beautiful and romantically photographed...yes, romantically. Your love of the objects really shines through birdiepoo xoxo


WOW-I didn't get to go, but through your pictures & text, I feel almost like I was there;- in the amazingly, magic place, that only these FAB people can create!
The happy shopper you captured, is Pam S. from Battle Ground! She is a creative & awesome decorator herself & was the one that introduced me to Monticello Antique Store!
Robin, you are above & above & waaaaay above! Most of us bloggers have very good cameras, but to have THE EYE, like you do, is given only a few (-and you do a great job with Photoshop, as well)!
Coffee-table book should be in the making, yes???
Thank you SO much for delighting my eyes & my heart :o)
Warm wishes from Sylvi


Your awesome photos tell a great story. What a treasure.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy Conscious Friday.

Barn House

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a beautiful illustration of Cindy's second show!!! We always anxiously await your posts to see what you capture...your art is absolutely amazing!

J & J


no words can express how jealous i am. and i speak for the other sister as well. thanks for inviting us. not. we would have soooooo much fun.


Robin....what can I say...fantastic post. Your pictures truly capture the essence of the Land of Tarte. We have a great time at our events and couldn't do it without the support of great friends, families and customers. Thank you for being part of the Tarte family and for letting me into your world!!! xoxo Cindy

Joy Bayer

I saw the show the night before and it was lovely! However to see your photos is such a treat, you make the lovely even more so! Thanks for sharing.


What wonderful images, Robin! So dreamy. You definitely tell a story with your images and words. Wish I was there!


I have GOT to go to one of their events. I wonder how bad it would be if I changed our tickets. Ha. Only sort of kidding, you know?

Oh, Robin. These photographs of yours are always my favorite. I. Am. SO! In. Love. with your talent.


Delightful. Would have loved to have been there!!!

Natalie Anderson

Oh Robin! I LOVE your photos! You truly are an amazing artist! Thank you for the sweet words! I am looking forward to get together and solder... We should just say a time and place and do it soon!
Hmmmm.... I am thinking of an orange spice cake for the next event... with a citrus cream frosting...



I feel like I NEED all those things...and this coming from the woman who would rather be beat than have to dust. lol Love the dreamy effect and the soft colors. If those guys can make a barn look like this, just imagine how magical their homes must be! I think you should buy all those items and put them in the Avalon guest room so that as each of us come visit, we can delight in staying in the tarte barn house grand bedroom!

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