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April 01, 2009


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Robin, thank you so much for reminding me of what is so precious in this big beautiful world of ours. It's these little things, finding the beauty in the simplest things that makes our world turn round.

Love you love you xoxo


Your blog is a visual treat! I need to spend more time here when I find the time.


That Witch hazel photo is magnificent! You captured Spring at its best, my dear Robin :)

John Maslowski

Fascinating images Robin, amazing the number and variety of ducks you captured. Just love the colors and the sharpness in these pictures, really creates a feeling of spring. Beautiful compositions, look forward to more spring pictures.


Looks like spring!! Love the wood duck you captured!!!


The witch hazel is so breathtaking. Robin I loved all of them but that was my favourite.


How do you do it? The way you consistently deliver photos with so much heart and soul and words to match!

I have been greedily capturing the brand new tips of bright green grass here in California because before long I know they will turn a dried golden yellow. The yellow is beautiful on its own merits, but there is something about the transience of the green... My post about Andy Goldsworthy show this stark contrast.

The Bouquets to Art exhibit at the De Young Museum announces spring in San Francisco in the most beautiful and creative fashion. I have taken so many photos there, I don't know how many more posts it will take to share the experience.


I sure would love to have those web footed fellas in my backyard...they are gorgeous

Sammy Girl

Hi, Robin!

Your commentary on the ducks reminds me of junior high ... lol! We know you would never cut off the beak of the mallard drake. Isn't he gorgeous!! The feathers on his head remind me of the color of peacocks. I, too, must admit that my fav is the witch hazel ... but ALL of your photos are spectacular.

Have a super day and thanks for reminding us of the beautiful things outside our windows.

Betty :)


Beautiful - almost magical - images. :) What a fantastic way to start today: thanks!

gavin hart

Well, I can't show you any spring photos at present as it is just coming into Fall or Autumn in the southern hemisphere. However, your collection of Spring images here is great. I particularly like the flower shots, nice bokeh effects and that wonderful group of water fowl ... what characters!


Awesome, beautiful, heartwarming images! Love, love, LOVE!


Robin: The images are simply stunning! The colors of those ducks..beautiful!! Don't you just love the new beginnings happening in Spring! hugs NG

Barn House

The photo of the ducks make my heart ache (our shipment was delayed until next week). But it gives me and Joe time to get their new home remodeled before they arrive. I can't wait!! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures as a reminder that Spring is really here, even though we woke up to snow again today.


witch hazel is captivating.

I like the hood "ornament" on that middle duck!


I love how you caught so many different ducks in one photo! beautiful signs of spring, I'm hoping we get some of that soon. It's suppose to be 16 celsius on the weekend!!


Robin these are simply gorgeous!


I did a post, Spring in Niagara earlier in the week. I'm watching my pussywillow tree very carefully ...

corine/Hidden in France

I just added your blog to my blog roll :-))


that duck photo is phenomenal.
the jewel tones of those feathers are divine!
mother nature knows her color schemes, don't she?


Oh Robin... The photo in the park with the trees and the geese took my breath away. The ducks are beautiful and the colors so vivid. I love the witch hazel tutu and the rhoddie showing the first wonderful signs of spring. I enjoyed the beautiful pics on such a rainy cold day!

Elizabeth Harper

They're all lovely, but the Witch Hazel is my favorite too! That one is so interesting to study.


hello robin. glad to see you here talking of spring because really, who knows better about spring than a robin. xo


I love all the different types of fowl.

I did a post on flash photography for you, hope it helps or gets you going in the right direction.

Paris Parfait

Such lovely signs of spring! Merci!

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