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April 11, 2009


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I wish I had a farm like that I could go visit. I suppose I could wander down to the petting farm in the park..not quite the same, but still full of fuzzy new baby bunnies and lambs. Don't you just adore spring??


I think that's probably the best way to farm. A friend does all the work, you take all the lovely pictures.

The springish things I am doing today are less about Lady Spring and more about the school work that this time of year brings. Finishing up testing, wrapping up the school year, finding excuses to teach outside, sneaking in longer and longer recesses just so I can keep enjoying the children's laughter and their concentrating faces as they run right past.


beautiful image! it looks like you had fun with the baby chicks! :)


Isn't it frustrating when the flowers don't bend to your will?! (Or desire!) Nonetheless, it's lovely!

Enjoyed the chicks on the other post, too -- so sweet. Very Easter, aren't they?

I hope you had an absolutely lovely day -- it sure sounds like it! Read an article on biking in Portland in the NYTimes -- sounds wonderful (except for the rain!)

Tom Sheehan

A fine image here Robin... nice tones and wonderful lighting.

Sound's like a nice day fro visiting the farm and the ducklings.

Have a nice Easter Robin. :)



I spent the last couple of days getting the back yard ready to replant grass seed. Hoeing, raking, smoothing, putting up a temporary fence to keep the dogs out, planting the seed, watering it for the first time, opening the gate only to have Buddy run through the newly planted, newly watered, muddy yard. Paw prints throughout, crossing multiple times. I was swearing like a sailor at him, poor neighbors. I did get to play with my new macro lens for a little bit today. More tomorrow.

Beautiful image, Robin. Happy Easter!


Beautifully composed image Robin. Happy holidays to you and your dear ones as well.

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Happy Easter to you and yours, Robin, I hope to see you soon!!


gardening and card making...dad is helping daughter make a flashlight for physics...just another crazy day...cannot wait to see your images as always until then my dear


Beautiful. Nothing Spring like happening here, it is snowing outside :-), so I am in, working on my book.


Oh have fun! And your pic, is glorious. Whether she cooperated or not.


Spring activity...hmmmm...autumn...but still summer...and yesterday and today...we were hunting easter eggs...i cannot eat any more...and Kellen refuse to stop feeding me! :-) xx


we are coloring eggs today to get read for the Easter Bunny! Our week of rain has subsided and the flowers are really starting to poke their heads out and lift their bonnets to the sun...they make great places to hide eggs. ;) I love the Spring!


cleaning screens, picking up after grandchildren, kissing split lips, feeding the people, walking the dog, finishing with a glass of wine and bbq chicken, home made fries. i know, i know, fattening, but they are a treat for the kids. i HATE that you are going to the damn barn house without me!


I am planting pansies in a pot for the only table that is in the back garden. It's too early for anything else. I'm going to put weed barrier down in the cutting garden. The little bit I did last year as an experiment worked a charm so I will do the entire garden this year. Yesterday I took some duck photos, but I can't show you, they're x-rated .... I didn't really notice what they were up to, but let's just say Love was in the air ....
have a great day

spread your wings

beautiful tulip regardless of her pose.
We (my brother and I) got up bright and early to stand in line to get 4 free baby chicks. The "Chicken Whisperer" was in town giving away 900 chick in an effort to promote the keeping of backyard poultry - a sort of "Chicken Stimulus Package" he calls it. My brother came all the way from Birmingham, AL to benefit from this (he already has his chicken coop built. Seems a perfect Spring/Easter activity.
Happy Easter!


IS that a parrot tulip? Love them!

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