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June 03, 2009


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Beautiful photos. Happy belated Birthday Robin.

So glad that your dad's memorial service went well. Beautifully written, heartfelt post.


Wow, I just came across your blog and am entranced... beautiful words, beautiful writing... It is so nice to meet you :)


ireally like your picture of the cemetary.
it is very insightfull.
i believe a lot could be read into this one, which makes it very appealing.

good job-

le petit cabinet de curiosites

You are right, your little girl is really an angel


Happy late Birthday Robin Bird,
Olivia's your Angel, I think.
Also, what perfect timing for your nephews wedding!
Sending you good thoughts to you and your family
and smiles.



I m really late on this one, nevertheless..."Belated birthday wishes Robin". I hope you had a wonderful day and here's wishing you an awesome year ahead.

Those images are really fleeting moments so beautifully freezed in time. I loved this post.

Tom Sheehan

Hi Robin,

Birthday wishes to you...

Your images are beautiful, and they convey so very well the emotions of sadness, and joy. Olivia is such a little gem... how could anyone's day not be brightened by her presence. I also wanted to mention that having photographed over 600 weddings, the photo of your nephew and his new wife is just beautiful... A perfect wedding photograph. I've been away a bit, so I'm a little late at reading up on things. Have a wonderful weekend.


Joy Bayer

Dear Robin,
Thanks for sharing your beautiful insights and photos with us. It is very interesting about bdays, and I have often thought about how I feel about my boys on theirs but have never considered how mine would also belong to my parents...
Hopefully we will see you at the BH Flea Mkt this July.
Hugs to you,


I am crying reading your words. Not a cry of sadness, but of thankfulness for all the precious gifts we have in our lives. For the knowledge I just acquired this past month with my loved ones of what it means to live the moment for the gift it IS. My thoughts are with your on the difficult task of sorting your father's things. Happy birthday my dear friend. Enjoy all that the mysteries of life have to teach us. What a beautiful family you have! You are BLESSED!


Thanks for posting your journey today Robin. I forwarded your blog on to my sis in law who is on a similar death + life journey.


.....the eyes have it!


Happy Birthday, lovely one.

You make me so quiet and wistful when I enter your visual and written world. This is such a beautiful post of what is most essential...taking notice of this very moment and being grateful.

Thank you dear Robin...so much love to you.


i send you light and love. i send you as many hugs as you can hold for your birthday.

A. Jarrett

So sorry for your loss, Robin. Know that he will always be with you.

Thanks for sharing such a heart-felt post!

krys kirkpatrick

Having lost my father, who vanished at sea with 13 other fishermen, never to be found...no trace of them or their ships, I know your pain. That was 20 years ago. My father never left me...The pain I felt was just being unaware of the lesson of life. Through pain, loss, sorrow, we grow...we gain the wisdom of realization, that life is short, but love lasts through eternity.


Oh Robin. I know both your parents were with you on your birthday, and how special is this. Just knowing they are there and watching must be comforting. The photos are beautiful. The ones with grandpa are precious. Yes, what an angel. OH, and that kiss!! Captured forever. Brilliant. <3<3


Happy 'Be-Me-Day' Beautiful Robin,

sounds as if you did exactly what you needed to do for yourself on this very special day...

My life has been enriched on this gorgeous day that your parents gave birth to you! (Lucky me!).

I love you! I'm wrapping my arms around you, sitting with you listening to all the stories of your parents while you are remembering and telling every story of every little thing you pick up and pack away in their home..

big hug xx

Elizabeth Harper

I am so sorry for the loss of your dad. My dad died just after my 30th birthday and 18 years later there are times when it still feels like yesterday.

I agree with ELK about the connection and support of your extended family and I knew exactly what you meant when you spoke of following your daughter from room to room.

Safe travels as you go back to close up your dad's space. I hope it won't be too overwhelming.

Belated happy birthday...and the picture on the bed with the curtains...pure magic.

Paris Parfait

Such a bittersweet post, Robin. Sadness and joy, with lovely photos to underscore the memories. Safe travels. xoxox


many happy birthday wishes to you! if you were here, I'd bring you a birthday cupcake (and Atlas would drool on you to try to convince you to give him your birthday cupcake).

I'm glad the memorial service was beautiful. Olivia is adorable, as ever.


I hope your birthday was filled with as much love and laughter, solace and sunshine as you deserve dear...love the photos of Kelly and Joe with sweet little Liv. hugs dearie


Beautiful post Robin. Almost 8 years ago my mother-in-law passed from cancer. Every year since, my husband has visited her grave on his birthday, insisting that it is her day because she gave birth on that day. Makes me appreciate my own fleeting moments. Thanks. and... Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday and travel with love to Phoenix. The first year after my mother died I was also struck with great sadness on my birthday realizing she wasn't there to share in those special moments. The connection only she and I had.


As always Robin...each and every word so perfect.

The pictures are wonderful...look at my little Olivia giving me a hug! I'm just so darn lucky! The picture in front of Olivia's favorite window is GORGEOUS!

Happy Happy Birthday my friend!


Happy birthday dear Robin, have the best day! I have been missing and thinking of you often xxox. I so understand your feelings in regards to Olivia...touching them, breathing in life, being consumed by the love. And yes our own babies are even more precious. Your photos and words are heartfelt and very touching.

heaps of hugs as always,

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