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June 18, 2009


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Oh, yes, of course your heart was so full of things -- sometimes it is very hard to see, to even have the energy to see, after experiences like yours.

For me, this line said it all: "Mostly i experience bewilderment at the contrast between what i see and what i get. That isn't always a bad thing."

I call those experiences (and the bewildering results) as "photographs of the heart." It has taken me a long while to realize that sometimes I will not get the photo I'm wanting and for lots of good reasons -- my equipment isn't good enough, the subject chooses not to wait for me to get organized, the sun darts behind a cloud that simply refuses to move on... you know them all.

But sometimes, I'm lucky. I take the photo and then I realize the light was flawless -- not too hot, not too cold. The cat in the basket puts his head down as soon as I've shot the photo. The angle was better than I thought.

I had lots of photographs from Paris that should have remained photographs of the heart. Didn't capture it, but I'll remember it forever.

How are you? I hope you are finding your sun, your color, your Zippy, your joy again. It sounds like it...


lovely photos dearie...especially love the one of you and your Sis. You may not get what you see through that lens of yours but when I see what you got it always makes me smile.


I absolutely love your blog - a friend sent me the link to your barn house boys post back in august. I can't wait to go back and read old posts!
Have a fabulous weekend,


I often find that "looking" for a shot disappoints, it's usually when I stop trying that I finally get something I feel happy with.
So glad you are back.


The photo of you and your sister in front of your dads makes me tear up. So glad you have it and could share it here.
About your question. Often when I am throwing away a photo, I first look at it in different sections to see if the is a diamond in the rough.

Happy you are back Birdtweet!



Hi Robin, this is a lovely post. When I take photos I am trying to capture the moment and emotion


I'm so glad you're back, Robin. You have definitely been missed. I'm getting to the point where more and more of my images are what I envision. Of course I still need to do some adjustments in Lightroom, but those are turning out to be just minor corrections. I'm always chasing the light and chasing bokeh. I love bokeh. =)


I once heard something like a person views the world they way his/her heart is...so for me....i see in a photo they way i was feeling at that precise moment...

it's a very interesting subject..when i was studying we had to keep a journal... we could use whichever format we wanted to. I first posted a photo...then wrote what i was thinking and feeling and then ended it with a quote that felt appropriate and usually fit with the photo. When my tutor read my journal, she page through my journal and then all of sudden said oh! here are color! you are feeling better? and looked me straight in my eyes. It was such a aha moment (sounds silly now)...because i thought the photos i posted, which was black and white, was absolutely stunning! and gorgeous and 100% expressing my feelings, but just in black and white.

breathing out...and yes...during the black and white photos/ few weeks, i was very sad and lonely...when the color came in, i was feeling lighter and more alive...

beautiful and such a 'soul' photo of you and your sister...i love the beauty that represents you in the first photo...your absolute direct beautifulness xx


Oh, Robin. I'm so glad to see you back here at your space. You know it already, but you have been missed. What a lovely post, your words paint pictures of their own, as skillful as your camera. And your question? Well. I think that a great photographer, like yourself, lives in the balance between magic and science.


happy to see you :-). I am always looking for magic and you my dear always find it in your photos.


What beautiful words. I think I'm always looking for the emotion - the quiet..the noise..the 'feelings' that the moment evokes.


When the photos can barely touch what I saw, I put the camera down and walk away, not restless, but quietly, letting what is meant to happen BE. Not stealing the moment from the moment-just letting it BE.
I confess I do plenty of that as my skills as a photographer are limited, but when I capture it, it is almost as if the heart leaps and you think...That's IT! That's exactly how I felt!
So I guess what I look for in an image is the MOMENT and the feelings it triggers in me.

That photo of you and your sister for instance...so many feelings in it...bittersweet and beautiful!


yo, sistah, welcome back.


So good to have you back -- have missed you and thought of you often!


"the heart sees what is invisible to the eye". I think I would rather my heart capture the images - because I expect they would be even better than what my eye sees.

thankfully I am not usually expecting anything - because then I can be pleasantly surprised (rather than unpleasantly ;)

beautiful photos both.


I think the heart sees things so much more romantically and dreamy than the eyes and often when I download the images from my camera, I am disappointed that everything looks black and white compared to the magic I "thought" I saw. But in the same breath, I am also sometimes rewarded with an image that didn't register so beautifully to me in the moment I took it and yet it screams out to me afterwards to be seen and appreciated. Believe me dear, your photographic eye is amazing and I love getting lost in the dreamy worlds that capture.

spread your wings

Hi Robin I liked this post and I absolutely LOVE the image of you (?) and the flowers.
many times in clicking the shutter I am wanting to capture a memory when looked back on it will trigger my mind. but in landscapes and magnificent views i find that i am often disappointed that it does translate to the camera. sometimes i have to makes myself put down the camera and take it all in with my mind eye.

Barn House

WOW...I just sent you an email and when I came back to your site I found your new post! I think I mostly and looking to capture something beautiful and inspirational to us and others. I really need to learn how to fully use our camera to capture the true essence of our experiences...this summer hopefully I can pull out the manual, take it over to the hammock and do a little studying. Welcome Back...we have missed you...



I find matching up the reality and the camera is a tough call at any time....

I'm so glad you are back. :-)



You have ESP - I was just fixing to email you & check in. :)

I think that, unfortunately, the camera records what the camera sees. It's a hard process to make it see what one's eyes and/or heart sees. I am always surprised when I look at the back of the camera & see that I've got it, but I am also not one to shun Photoshop to accentuate what my heart saw.

I love both of these images, but that one of you & your sister is touching - I particularly like that one. But then, I know the story.



Such a beautiful post... I had a reverse idea the ties in with this concept. Often I am looking for nothing at all and then waiting to see what will present itself, and then I think about what I've been shown.

Glad to see you back. xo


hello my friend...mine are usually a surprise...and that can be frustrating ...it is a reminder that I certainly am not in control and just go with it...

i have missed you I hope you are well...

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