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June 30, 2009


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That's really sweet! I love the vintage treatment you put on it.


Maybe not my best photographic self, but I do have friends who help me to be the best version of myself. And what a gift they are.


What a wonderful dreamy shot, Robin. What fun you and E must have!! Wish I was closer and could join in. =)


I love the ranunculus photo, so elegant and simple.
How fitting that I should read this today. I just started a course that is all about the art of seeing. We had been talking about how you need to think about (feel) what you want others to see before you hold the camera up to take the shot. Some times all that is required is for us to get out of our own way. As for muses, you, debi, maddie, my beautiful sister darlene and so many more bloggers and artists I know and don't know who inspire me on a daily basis.


i come here for my inspiration! ;)

Melinda Rose

I love your photographs. I looked through all your photos and enjoyed them so. You are someone I need to keep up with for sure.


Oh yes! This stopped me in my tracks. I love simple. ; )

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

I so agree with your quote, Robin... I have seen things through a lens that I had totally missed through the naked eye... Beautiful photograph!!!


This is a gorgeous photograph, Robin. The colours are so rich! I also really like the effect you've applied to the original photo. There's a dreaminess...

My muses? Certainly other photographers. These days it's bloggers like you who know how to achieve effects on their photographs. I'm still a novice with that. The photographers Sarah Moon, Sally Mann and Paolo Roversi have always inspired me with their images. Sarah Moon's photography makes my heart skip a beat.


Ah Robin, you always ask the right questions at the right time, don't you? Last night I went to Niagara Falls with my photography class to learn nighttime photography. Barry came with me and as always, he pointed out angles and shots I hadn't noticed. He's gentle in his, "You know what might make an interesting photo?" words. Because then he always follows up with a vague, "Look over there." And I'm rushing and saying, "WHERE? WHERE?" But then I slooooow down and I see what he sees. My beautiful photos of the falls will be up on Friday, I think margie wants to do Love Thursday. Thanks for your encouragement.


you are an artist and i love your work my sweet friend. I am so happy to see the colors here so bright yet so soft.

Hope you are doing well~blessings


It looks like this bucket of flowers is sitting on yummy large blocks of chocolate J

This sounds like I’m sucking up but I have to say honestly most of my muse comes form my blogging photography friends. I love the way others see the world around them. Recently I have made friends with a few photographers meet though my camera club. We are now starting to get out together on photography outing.


What a nice post. Sometimes I get lost in the sea of busy-ness.


I think I could do a bit of slowing down myself .. I have a tendency to snap, snap, snap .. :)

This is a very poetic shot! Why don't I remember this? I mostly remember the salt and chocolate. ;)

I think almost everything can be an inspiration. And you are one as well.


Wow, this made me think because I realized that most of the inspiration I get are from the books piled by my bed that I study. Each time I pick one up, I discover a new way of seeing and how some artists will always be timeless. A few, but certainly not all by any stretch: Diane Arbus, Robert Frank, Eugene Atget, Lewis Hine, Edward Weston. I love finding new muses this way. So much talent to study.


Wow. That's a great quote, and it makes me think about that idea of whether or not the photo itself is a wonderful thing, or if it is just a photo OF a wonderful thing. You know, documentation vs. art. This beautiful image is not just documentation - you did just what Jeanie said. nailed it. I am also thinking about the idea of taking tons of shots to get the ONE vs. waiting & just getting it. My friend Robert is a terrific photographer & I remember a million years ago when he showed up to a commercial job with a 4x5 camera, knowing he could just take 1 or 2 shots & get it. The clients were HIGHLY annoyed & let him know that, well, the last guy they hired took several rolls of 35mm - they thought their money better spent with someone who was just firing away, unsure. Robert just looked at them, packed the camera up & walked off the job. I still laugh at that story.

And my muses? Everything. Breath. Stars. Dreams. Words. You will say those are influences, not muses, but I would beg to differ. :)


Simple, elegant and divine. You know, after taking 2000+ photos in France (a huge number are duplicates with varying degrees of steadiness in bad light!), I know what you mean about holding out for JUST the right thing. You nailed it here.

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