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July 04, 2009


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Congratulations! I just saw this issue of Somerset Life this past weekend and your photos and article are terrific. *raising my glass of wine to you*

meg duerksen

i hope i can see it tomorrow when i am out and about!
very cool robin!!


How exciting!!! I'm going to have get this copy and read through it!! yay!! I'm so happy for you. xoxo


I can't wait to pick it up!!!

Wayfaring Wanderer

What wonderful news!!! You are well on your way, my friend. I think you have found your wings :D

Jenny Doh

What a pleasure it is working with you, Robin. On behalf of all the readers of Somerset Life, I thank you for the artistry and passion that you pack into every word, every photo.


oh wow Robin dearie...congratulations. If anyone deserves accolades it is you...your photography is not only beautiful but it soothes my soul and your writing skills...well let's just say prolific. hugs to you today and always.


Wonderful! Oh my, you are so talented, sweetheart. And one day I would love to meet you in person too!


mo jackson

congrats doc robin! can't wait to see the pages in person!


Congrats Robin....I am so proud of you!!! You wrote a fantastic article and of course I love your photos. No one could have captured the essense of the Land of Tarte like you did!!! We are honored to have you as a friend.....much love xoxoxo Cindy


Oh, I've been waiting for this issue to come out! I wanted to take a copy to Tara when I went to France, but I was two weeks too early! But I knew it was coming and I'm just thrilled. Always have loved your posts on Cindy and company, so I'm eager to get this one!

It makes me smile to hear the joy in your words -- yes, your voice -- with this post. Especially since I know you've had some sad times recently. You bring a great deal of joy to so very many of us, and I'm glad you're getting some back! (And with all the allocades and attention you deserve, too!)


Congratulations Robin, I can't wait to get a copy and looking forward to the Barn House boys article too!


Robin!!! Yay!!!
I'm going out to look for this one. :)
I'm enamoured with you now, more so after seeing this! Congrats baby. xo


Congratulations Miss Robin...this is so well deserved. You are such a creative soul and it would be a shame for the rest of the world not to be able to share in it. The photos are magical and I can't wait to see more of these magical places.


Good things goes around...and of course you will be published!! Being so talented you must have written a book by now...

you have....but have not told anyone...writing under a secret name?.....hmmmmm

you naughty woman! :)

My heart is overflowing for love and pride for you...especially after the past few weeks..this must be like a little bit of cream on top...just a little reminder of life continuing on this journey of yours...xx

PS: remember to buy a few extra copies for your family! Your dad must be proud!


I've been waiting for this one. I am so very excited for you!!


I was just completely enamored with your g o r g e o u s

photo's of this stunning shop ~
made me want to put on a tuto and twirl around eating

you have a beautiful 'eye'

and a way of capturing magic in your words

fabulous article:)


Congratulations on being published. How very exciting!!!


sooo smart. we are all sooo smart.


Thank you for mentioning the barn house again. I had forgotten that I wanted to check into their location and make a visit. It looks like a awesome place.

Congrats on the article as well. It is so nice to hear how well things are going. I will be watching for the next bit of good news!


Congrats, Robin!! Well deserved! I'll try to remember to buy the mag this week. You go girl!

robin dudley-howes

I just had to come visit your blog since your name is Robin too and what a pleasant surprise. Love your blog and congratulations on the new article.


Congrats and well deserved. I love your posts about Tarte and the barn house they always make me drool :)

Joy Bayer

I am so thrilled for you and Cindy, I loved everything about the article, not to mention the whole magazine. Why am I not surprised that in addition to being a wonderful photographer, you are also quite talented with pen and paper (or keyboard??)
If I hadn't been to The Land of Tarte already, I would be rushing out looking for it!! You have an amazing talent. Thanks for being so willing to share.
Looking forward to your next adventure.
Try not to keep us waiting too long!

spread your wings

congratulations. your talent is beyond words for me so it is no surprise that you would be featured in such a creative magazine. i can't wait to check it out and look forward to the next one.

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