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July 04, 2009


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CONGRATULATIONS !!! I have never seen that magazine in real life yet, but I see that people mentioned B&N. I will go there this week and get a copy. I can't wait to read the article!


How very exciting!!! I have not gotten my copy yet...but, will hunt for it at Barnes and Noble....or i may just order it!!!

Heart Hugs!

Barn House

We ran out immediately to get our copies, but Borders and Barns & Noble didn't have them stocked yet. We are so excited to see the article!!! I just don't know how Cindy's big head is going to fit through our Barn door now...she will certainly be too much to handle! lol

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend... and congratulations!! Much love from The Boys of BH!!

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Congratulations, Robin, you so deserve it!! I can't wait to get the magazine, what a thrill to see our friend Cindy's gorgeous sales featured!!!


you are so right about the very special friends found in blog land...i am thrilled for you and no surprise Emma Tree's Debi suggested it...such artistry from you both!


FANTASTIC!!! I cannot wait to get my own copy AND HAVE IT AUTOGRAPHED!!! Yippee!

Florence Muma

A big congratulations to you. I could strive to have your artistic ability, thank you for your gift. Yes I just got somerset life and was so excited to see you story on the queen of tarte and now the barnhouse boys! Wow!


I have been waiting for this announcement! Yayyyy!!!! I have purposely saved the last bit of my Barnes & Noble Christmas gift card so I can rush out & buy this issue. You are so, so, talented & this is so deserved! Jenny knows a good thing when she sees it, and lucky for us, she shares! Love you too!!!

:) I am SOOO happy to see this is out!

m. heart

Congrats! Great news! Happy 4th of July!


SO!!! EXCITED FOR YOU ROBIN BIRD!! Congratulations!! You are a talented woman!

Happy forth of July!


Paris Parfait

Congrats, Robin! Well done, you! Wish the Somerset magazines were available in Europe. xo


Congratulations, I am so excited for you -- it's so wonderful when what we never dreamed comes true and we discover how badly we wanted it!
(I went to Niagara Falls - the post is up today - thank you for your encouragement!)


Big Congratulations! So exciting for you! I went to the store yesterday to buy the magazine, but couldn't find it. I will look again soon.

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