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July 09, 2009


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Ooooh, lucky, lucky you! Have fun! Take lots of photos!


nice pic Robin...if you see my lovely nieces give em a hug for me and tell em I said hi...have fun dearie. xoxo


How exciting!
Big hugs for Tangobaby and Dutchbaby and YOU!


hello miss beautiful ~ when you return we will organize
a date together in portland ~ and we will bring our
camera's and appetites with us:)


Love the article you wrote on Cindy(Tarte) Your Style and sense of humor are fantabulous. You could be the Queen of Writing. Many Blessings, Erin

Bill Stankus

No complaints ... just a note, the black and white photo via Shorpy's was done by Dorothea Lange. I mention this because she was kinda important to the art of photography.


Oh my gosh, how exciting! i wish you all the most fabulously fun filled time! :-)


Hee Hee. It's Day Two of blog camp and all is well. Such fun!! Love you, Robin dear.


Have fun, Robin! Totally jealous...green...envy...


That sounds so fun! I miss SF (lived there for 20 years)and I so want to meet some of my fav bloggers. Congrats on the article too! Have a grand time. xoxo


Have so much fun - raise a toast to the soeurs du jour who love you and Tangobaby so much!


This sounds like the beginning of a grand adventure with many wonderful photos! Have fun dear Robin.


oh wow!!!!

Wayfaring Wanderer

That sounds like fun!!!


Sounds like such fun!!!


I want to go to blog camp it sounds like a lot of fun to meet online friends.

Enjoy the catchup.


Wow I want to go to blog camp. It sound like fun to meet online buddies. Have a wonderful time.


Infamous! Wow, can I be notorious too?! Heh heh.

Drive safe and see you soon! xoxo


I'm so excited to meet you "for reals". Please drive carefully!

Paris Parfait

I don't have to remind you to have fun! xo


Ooooh, enjoy! I would love to be out there with you!!! I'm behind too. Trying desperately to catch up!! Oh well, it's summatime!


Hi! I was just in Oregon a couple of weeks ago. What a wonderful trip that was. Your upcoming visit/blogcamp with blogfriends is sure to be a great success. I would LOVE to know where this intersection is at. I'm in Oregon enough now that I would make a point of going to this town and visiting this very spot.


Greetings to Relyn, whom I've never met -- but I love her blog! It's such fun to finally meet someone you've read for such a long while, as I discovered when I met Tara (Paris P.)You'll have a fabulous time!


!!!!!! I am speechless & thrilled & cannot wait to read everything you all have to say!! Cool, cool, cool!!


Oh have a wonderful time. I love Relyn and Tangobaby. They are two of my favorite bloggers.

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