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July 16, 2009


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Oh, the look on those fishes faces! I guess we know the last thoughts that ran through their heads.

Diane - Daily Walks

Robin, your images and stories take me away from one vignette to the next. It somehow feels like they're from another time and place... somewhere from the past and yet, perhaps, the future. Regardless, I want to step in and stay awhile. You are indeed, VERY talented.


I don't need to do a photo tour of SF. You've captured it all. Perfectly. Beautifully. Well, except for the Incredible Flying Relyn Story. That's mine to tell, I guess.


So funny that hubby and I were, albeit briefly, in SFO at the same time as you! It is such a beautiful and fun city. We commented that we'd like to spend more time their with the kidlets next time we're in CA. Looking forward to more pics.



So much fun! What is that building in the first photograph? And I agree with Elizabeth, those fish do look sad! Poor yummy fish... I like that spiky knapsack, too.

PS: I saw your photos in a magazine over the weekend! Congratulations! They look amazing - well, of course they do - you are a terrific photographer.


LOVE it! Everything! I want to end up out there when we retire. It's just so . . . free spirited! Like me!! xoxo


Please tell all .... are you shooting with film now?????
I'm so glad you did this, it sound like so much fun.


I have been waiting at the crossroad photo on the blog anticipating photos from your trip and I am thrilled to see such amazing sites...except for the cuisine. lol It looks like you gals are having waaaaaay too much fun. :)


There you are ~ I have been missing Relyn ~ I hope you are taking good care of her ~ what fun you have had and will have!!!!


I lived in SF for 20 years. I miss it! Thank you for the treat :-).


Road trips.
New cities.


Now THAT, was a San Franscisco treat, baby! lol
Loved the walk through San Fran through your eyes, so full of life. In particular the photo of the fish, and the woman in pink eyeing up the young couple with disdain. Too funny!


this is just what the doctor ordered....road trips, cure all.


Oh those litle fishies!! Oh! So sad & so,so funny! Y'all are having way too much fun, methinks! Is that possible?


wow, looks like you are having a blast, fantastic images!


Beautiful! thanks for sharing!


Oh, this sounds like somuch fun! How cool to connect with Relyn -- and to see this fabulous city through your lens! SO glad you had fun!


Love the pics and the update. What a fun trip you are having.

Paris Parfait

You've done a good job in capturing San Fran's unmatched diversity. Lovely photo of Julie in her '20s getup. And the fishes! They do look like little shrunken heads. xo


Love to see all the pics
Love and hugs to you all


For some reason I love the fish photo. It looks like you had a great time. I would like to see more from your trip.


Looks like it was a wonderful trip!!!! Great images!!!


what fun Robin...I love San Fran for all the reasons you captured in you lovely photos...well, maybe not the fish heads, I could pass on seeing that, especially before lunch but, you captured em beautifully ;)...just a bit the stuff of nightmares to me though...glad you had such a wonderful time. xoxoxo


That first photo is breathtaking; I will never look at Mission Dolores the same way again! Thank you for driving all that way to see us here in San Francisco. I loved spending time with you and Relyn; I only wished it was longer. xoxoxo


Now I totally miss you guys even more! Come back! Come back! xoxo

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