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July 20, 2009


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Isabel Amateur

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I have seen many blogs with The Barn house Show photos
but I must say yours really tell the story the best!!! You have a wonderful eye for detail and I love your tale of friendship and treasures!!!

Deb @ Retreat

Robin, I was oh so certain I had left you a comment about your marvelous photos... better late than never, I suppose, so please let me thank you once again for sharing both time with you and your remarkable talent. I am so blessed to have been able to visit with you and to watch you work your particular kind of magic. (and if the 'Cleopatra' shot doesn't prove I trust you, well,I don't' know what would!)

The photos you took of our 'Taj Ma Tent' make me forget how much work went into it all, and cause me to remember the feeling of sitting and relaxing in the presence of friends both old and new. A treasured memory I hope to repeat again soon... Thank you, Robin...


Its not a beautiful thing but a very beautiful thing. That is friendship.


I always find it interesting that your photographs are part of a narrative rather than the main event when they could just so easily stand alone. Um, I love the rusty old tractor and the tent shot in B & W. Lovely.


Oh my gosh, Robin, I want to hang out with you, too! Puhleeze???!!! You obviously know how to live life to its fullest. And the places you take us... a campout in a white taj matent...siiiiigh... And your photos are simply stunning. There's a real intimacy about them. You're a talented woman, Robin.

Btw, I think you should send a portfolio of your photos to Country Home or a similar magazine. Really.

Debi Burton

Robin--your photographic talents are absolutely LEGENDARY! So sorry I didn't get a chance to chat with you . . . so much going on!

Glad you liked my "tennis-ball opals" (great name!).

Ormolulu Debi


Simply beautiful!

gladys hanning

Robin, Oh So Scrumptious Photos, which perfectly captured the uniqueness of BarnHouse..loved the pic of our sunflowers, you make everything look so beautiful!! Celia and I were thrilled to meet you, would love to see you at our "Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market" set for October in Spokane!! Best, Glad & Celia

Joy Bayer

What a remarkable artist you are! I feel so fortunate to have had a minute or two to sit with our tired, (dirty) feet propped up for a nice long visit! What a great time!


we bought a boat on ebay, we were going to pick it up, long long road trip, right past your house. i was going to come for coffee. the deal fell through. wahwahwahwah.


Here's what I know. 1) You make magic with that camera of yours. Oh my! 2) The reason you have such an easy time making new phtoblogfriends is that you are a marvelous person.

I miss you.

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

Robin, I cannot express to you how happy I am to have meet and had the pleasure to get to know you this weekend. It truly would not have been the same without you and Kim! I didn't even know you were snapping away while I had my little tete a tete with Dexter. I love that you captured extactly the moment and feeling between me and him.
I also know what you are trying to say about blogging friendships. Many have doubted whether or not blogging friendships are genuine and deep, or solely superficial. I am proud to say that they really are deeply connected and genuine relationships. If you can find a husband in a bar, why can't you find best friends on the internet? (geez, I crack myself up!! ;)
Love to you, and count me in on that photography road trip!
I just put up a post about the weekend too, cute pic of you and Kim on there.
xoxo, Tiffany


I have told myself I needed to go to the Barn House and I know why. What fun you had! Thanks for sharing.

I would love to hang out with you sometime just to pick up a few photography tips. You are amazing! Loved the story in Somerset Life.


Ditto to all the above, your photos capture the mood so perfectly...and I too have had the GREAT pleasure of meeting blog friends and finding immediate and close connections.

long live the blog!



Ok,I'm reading backwards, but Oh, how fun is this! That Hattie is a sweetie! And how amazing to spend time with blog buddies. Isn't it the best? I love these photos and how I want to be there for this special day!

Yesterday someone asked me, "What do you get out of your blog?" thinking it might make money and surprised when it didn't. I said "the people, the friends, the joy of it all!" and that's exactly it! So glad your cards were there, but hey, do we get to buy them, too?!


What a wonderful series of images of an even more wonderful place. Looks like it was a ton of fun!!!


ahhhh Robin dearie...your photos are just as whimsical and magical as you are...I would love nothing better than to spend a day with you laughing and sharing...heck dear, I'd even carry your equipment around all day for you...I could be your photograblogcaddie. xoxoxo's


I love to pay a visit to the Barn House, you photograph it so beautifully.


Friendship is truly a beautiful, beautiful thing. :)



I can't begin to tell you what a treasure it was to meet you this past weekend. I think one of my favorite moments of the weekend was sitting with you and Tiffany and talking photography, photoshop, and all the things we could do together with our cameras! I do hope you have named her by the way... :)
Robin, you are such a special person to know and I truly hope that we will keep in touch and get together for a girls photography day sometime very soon! That really would be so inspiring and so full of laughs with the two of you!
Much love to you my friend,

Barn House

Robin, it is always so special to have you here at our place and to spend time with you at Cindy's barn. BUT, this time you stayed with us for "The Barn People" after-party! I laughed so much I can still feel the knot/cramp in my stomach. What a wonderful weekend and we are so honored you are sharing these moments with us.

Much Love,

J & J


yes, yes, yes, on the friendships via blogging. very eloquent and true. :)

love the photos! it sounds like you have been VERY busy. :) I am just amazed at that tent! What a setup! Very Arabian nights like. Perfect for summer.

meg duerksen

oh i would just be in heaven at this sale.
it looks so amazing.
how beautiful to be surrounded by such awesome creativity.

that mannequin head looks like it could have been wonder woman.

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