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July 20, 2009


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Robin, thank you so much for sharing this, it is so true that the blogging community is about friendship. Beautiful, beautiful post. I hope someday i'll make it to the Barn House. Maybe I'll convince some blog friends to do a road trip!


what lovely photos and I am so glad that you have found your niche in blogging and photography....it really is a great way to make new friends and spread your wings. You are soaring with the eagles now dear.


Absolutely FANTASTIC! I am so thrilled that you got to spend some moments with Relyn...she's pretty awesome and I have yet to meet her in person.

Your photos are amazing...my favs: the circus tent and the chat with Dexter, the cow. Brought me peace and a smile to my face.

Thanks Robin.


It makes me so happy to see you running hither and thither, camera in hand .... I detect such a zest for life all of a sudden.



Robin...you are one of the rarest of treasures that we found at the flea. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent and time with us and capturing those very special moments in our lives. love you....xoxoxoxo Cindy

Deb Kennedy

Robin, thank you ever so much for the gift of your time, your creative eye, and your new-found friendship this weekend at BarnHouse. I was in absolute awe watching you work non-stop for two days, taking photos with the utmost in concentration and focus (pun intended!) with that endless energy you possess. You inspire us all with your ability to capture a moment in an image, and to express our collective thoughts in your eloquent words. I am honored to have been the recipient of your generous praise.... thank you, sweet girl. You have made my YEAR!

Oh, and that photo at the top.... WOW!


I will comment more later (is that even close to good English?) but right now I am sitting in our business, where the air conditioner is broken AGAIN, and my office is like an oven, and I can't find Lily the cat who is hiding somewhere from the a/c repairman, but I am worried because I have both doors open & perhaps she has run away, and I have to say that Debi's boudoir is looking damn wonderful right now & it even has my name. Plus I needed the laugh I laughed when I saw the cow & the cellphone, or is he a bull? Never mind. These are all fabulous. Bless you!!


i do so enjoy your blog and photos are so much a front and center part to each post...friendship is truly felt here~blessings elk

Fay Lynn

You are so right about finding kindred hearts in blog land. Your pictures are amazing. You capture such great moments.

Florence Muma

Thanks for the photos I could almost feel like I was there, as I did not get to go due to a prior commitment.


I always love your visits to the barn house! And you are right about blogging, I could not have said it as well. xoxo

Little Cottage

Thank you for some wonderful time at the BH.
Love you pictures, as always :o)
The last one, w/the mannequin peeking through the old window frame is priceless;- "Her Humble Highness" still keeps her crown & pride, while her surroundings is starting to look quite tattered!


I have seen many blogs with The Barn house Show photos
but I must say yours really tell the story the best!!! You have a wonderful eye for detail and I love your tale of friendship and treasures!!!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage & Junkologie

Love your photos and your writing! Fabulous!


What a great post! It's amazing the wonderful people we meet in blogland and then become friends with! I love, love, love the pictures of Tiffany and the cow...

You are amazing...Laurie


Oh Robin, what a tribute to the wonderful friendships that are born of blogging. I have experienced the same with all of the blogger friends I met. Pure friendship, devoyed of pretentiousness. The photos tell it all. Your skill with the camera captures it well. I can't wait to read you again on Somerset Life, my dear.
Maybe one day I find my way over there and we can go for a photobloggerati adventure :)
The little girl's photo of a well lived day is priceless!!!



Paris Parfait

Such fun! I really want to go to one of their barn sales someday. Although no doubt I'd find too much irresistable treasure and be unable to get it home. :) Lovely photos - in the last one, the mannequin looks almost real. So glad you've had a wonderful trip and are having beaucoup fun with your camera! xo

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