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July 24, 2009


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Relyn's comments and emails always make me laugh out loud. She is such a warm, funny, generous person - lucky you for meeting her in person. And lucky Relyn for meeting you, Robin. Your story of the seagull and the dropped fish has me grinning. Hah!


So sweet! Relyn is a beautiful, beautiful soul.

studio wellspring

hi robin ~ first off i wanted to tell you what a treat it was to meet you in marin for a quick hike among the glorious redwoods. and i'm loving getting to know you thru your fabulous blog now, quite the reverse of how i got to know relyn: i fell for her thru her blog 1st & then met her in person for the 1st time with you at dipsea for lunch a few weeks ago. what a treasure relyn is! i love your post about her ~ it captures her so very well. look forward to learning to love you more thru your blog too! xo, anj

Erin Grover

There are so many unphotographable moments in life. Your photo of Reyln captures the feeling of what is behind the lens well. We had many such moments at Tarte. Glad to have met you face to face. Will post a fraction of my miracle moments(unphoto) today.
Blessings, Erin


I will look for an unphotographable moment to share, but first I had to say how much I love that photo of Relyn. It's SO her! What a delightful photo.

I miss you both a lot... come back soon.



I had a feeling that Relyn would be exactly as you described. I'm happy you both had such a blast!!!
I'm going to think about the unphotographable this week...!


Awww shucks, Robin. You've done made me blush.

Seriously, your post was so marvelous because it captures all the love, all the heart, that our trip was full of. Weren't we blessed? What fun we had.

Miss you. So much.

Judith Green

Ah this is wondeful! And Relyn is one of my most favourite bloggy pals, i wish I knew her better. I've only stated carrying a notebook with me since I started blogging last month, for jotting down ideas as they come to me.

I'm also quite a new photographer, i started last October. And I've taken a million photos since then. But it came to me last week, whilst on a quick trip to Paris, that there really are moments that I can't catch with my beloved Nikon. And nor would I want to...the glimpse of the Eiffel Tower, lit up at night and SHIMMERING, seen as I rounded a corner and so unexpected...the camera could NEVER have caught how that moment felt, even if I'd managed to capture how it looked. A journal...that's what you need for those moments.

Love your blog btw! x


Hi Birdtweets,
So much goodness in all of this post and the ones below. Like you, I MUCH rather be connected in blogging that watch television! Glad you had so much fun with blogging beauties recently. Isn't life grand? Isn't the computer a total miracle? Well,about your un~photoed moments I had SO many in New Orleans I can barely stand to think about it.

Wishing you lots of joy to behold on this quiet Sunday!


I will have to think on that for a while...I love the photos, very happy and joyful post :-).


i love those photo's ~ pure sunshine of soul that girl
and i imagine the sparkle was so intense with the
joy of you two being together :)

and yes! portland in september would be perfection
will write to you this week;)


only since your trip have i begun to visit relyn's blog, and i see she has come back to visit ours. i am looking forward to this relationship. sistah.


What a nifty idea!



Oh, this is just delightful! I thoroughly enjoy Relyn's blog and you know I love yours, so I have this visual image of the two of you playing about, having this glorous, laughable unphotographable time! You really hit it when you described learning from your friends (in this case, the journal). I find myself doing that, too -- certainly with traits/habits I brought back from France, but in my daily life as well.

As for my unphotographables -- hmmm. I must think on that, for I know there are many! Not nearly so funny, though, as the saga of the gull and the fish!


This is a fantastic concept! I'll definitely be playing along in the future.


Every time I read something from you, I adore you more. Honestly.
So, when I read that Relyn carried a journal, my first thought was "but you are the one who carries a journal - I saw it with my own two eyes!". I tend to jump ahead of myself, and saw further on that you did indeed mention that now you too carry one...
I will ponder unphotographable moments. Once again you have challenged me to look at something new, in a new way, thus inspiring me to grow. Love you for that~
I also must now clearly go and meet Relyn for myself!

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