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July 28, 2009


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Oh, I've been hear to this post three times now looking for the words to tell you how very perfect these words and images are. That is the best sunflower photograph I've ever seen. And, yes, that image came because of the magic you carry in your pocket. Well, really, on a strap around your neck.


Oh WOW~ You captured some wonderful shots. But nothing nicer than the thought of your Joe, being kind and loving and helping his Robin thought life right now!
Please tell him I hope he had~has a great canoeing journey!


Barn House

Hi Robin! Everything looks so beautiful at your place! It's nice to hear someone else has been fighting with the hoses. I don't think I could get a photo without a hose in it here! One thing we did cut out on watering this year was the grass...Joe wants to dig it all out and replace it with gravel to eliminate mowing and watering. lol


Beautiful. I've kinda been lax on photographing. I don't know what happened! I need to get my butt in gear!!!


sunflower shot is amazing! wow!


Gorgeous! You've created a special getaway right in your own backyard, Robin. You have me wanting to build a taj matent on my balcony...thank YOU for the romantic idea!


now if you could only jump in the birdbath with your twin! i hope you're surviving the heat. :) i need to reply to your email, i have been avoiding the computer to stay cool. ;)

that photo of the flower with the blue background. i have no words for how lovely it is :)

an inflatable canoe! i love it! (i've thought about an inflatable kayak but am not sure if dog toes would cut it - not that atlas would get in it, but a girl can dream ;) I hope Joe has fun!


I'll need now to go out and capture some night magic...although here our weather has been overcast and not cooperative with the golden light dusk usually brings.
Your photo of the bird bathing is amazing.xo


Enchantment all around! The Agapanthus shot ...mmm...MY FAVORITE! It reminds me of the flowerbeds of agapanthus near my parents home...hundreds of them, gigantic.. You could almost get lost in there :)


Great photos all. I love the blue that was not there :-).
I captured some rain the other day, but magic, not so much lately, but I never give up :-). Stay cool!


so lucky that you are having hot weather. what i wouldn't give for a few sunny days. we have had record rain. ducks are drowning. beautiful photos. as per usual.


I love the sunflower photo Robin. It almost appears like it is shaking off the water from its run in with a sprinkler.

Tom Sheehan

I love the photograph of the Robin in the bird bath. Your photos are always uplifting Robin. Summer is just getting here to New England... very late this year. Hope your summer is going well.


Alauar Parrish

Hello Robin; Such beauty in your back yard... I loved how you captured the the Robin in the bath,,, so perfect.. and your flower close up,,, gosh what a eye you have for Photo's thank you for sharing your beautiful back yard, and what a great idea for your patio love it... love it all..



Your images have transported me to an enchanted garden... thank you so much for sharing your vision with us, it has truly been magical




What a fantastic collection of hot summer time images. Love the light..and especially the water droplets!


What beautiful images you have shared with us. So serene.
I have enjoyed all the fireflies in the evening. It seems like my
whole yard is a light show, each evening. : )

Paris Parfait

Gorgeous images, Robin. We've been having unusually hot weather in Paris as well. xo

spread your wings

oh wow such beauty surrounds you there at Avalon. pure magic in every image here. I would love to spend some time in your Taj Matent

Erin Hollister Grover

Thank You for the nice blog comment. The
Daylily is gorgeous & your Robin certainly has the right idea during such a hot spell.
Blessings to Avalon, Erin

Leigh Anne Wilkes


We met very briefly at the Barn House - I believe you took a picture of my two girls with their crinolines! I love your photos and am wondering what lense you like to use on a regular basis. I am just a budding photographer and trying to figure out the whole lense thing - t hanks!!


your taj matent looks so inviting. I can imagine spending balmy summer nights within it.

Yo have a beautiful garden, I think the robin thinks so too. He seems to be enjoying himself in your birdbath. (This is my favourite shot)

I went out with my camera and captured the magic of my city.


the light in all of the images show such a calm and oasis feel to them, I am loving the blue in them...blessings ~elk


What beauty you surround yourself with. And what wonderful photos. They are all gorgeous. And that patio image!! Oh my. LOVE it!

Barking Dogs

Beautiful pics and stories behind them. I've come to expect nothing less from you. I save your blog for last...like the grand finale, so I can take time to read each and every word.


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