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July 28, 2009


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Really lovely and amazing pictures!! I love the robin in your bird bath! We have a robin friend too who loves to pull worms out of our lawn - so fun to watch!!


Oh I love the birdbath one! How beautiful!



Mt tweety friend. Those pictures are absolutely dreamy and magical. You have such a wonderful eye.

Florence Muma

I love when my camera captures the magic and I love that you share that magic with us all. Thank you my friend. This heat wave definitely helping us to find creative ways to stay cool. I also love that you have named your garden Avalon, Anne of Green Gables is a favorite of mine and my girls, someday I hope to go to Prince Edward Island.


I've not found any magic with the camera lately, and certainly none like this! Inspiration will strike soon! These are all stunners -- I applaud your ingenuity in tenting your patio! That's pretty darned brilliant! That blue bg on the daff captures me -- you're right -- amazing what the camera sees. And since sunflowers are a fave of mine, I'm glad you're making sure yours are well tended!

Keep cool, Ms. Robin Bird! Sounds steamy out there!

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