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July 31, 2009


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That House

Oh, that dog and blurry girl picture!!!!



These photos take my breath away. Stunning. ; )


Oh, my! I want desperately to visit to lavender fields! I'm not sure I could handle the sensory overload, though! Wow!

Paris Parfait

Gorgeous lavender and fruit and vegs! Looks a bit like France. xo


I love lavendar and those colours are magnificent. Quite envious really.


Since you asked, I'll tell you, although it doesn't sound like much fun. Jeffrey went back to work (extended contract for librarians) today. I paid a teenager we love and trust for 10 hours of cleaning. She came over to work today. She, Sloane, and I cleaned for five hours today. I mean CLEANED!! Sloane, Jeffrey, and I cleaned even more this evening. I am deliciously tired and smugly satisfied with my gorgeous, sparkling kitchen, dining room, and laundry room. Tomorrow - the rest of the house.

I told you. Most people wouldn't think cleaning was fun. Heck, I don't. But, work is always better when shared with a friend and lots of talk.


Hey Birdtweet,
You are having such a wonderful summer with donuts and friends and lavender and cameras! Adore coming along for the ride via your fab photography! Thank you!



purple haze of magic

sheer beauty your eye:)

and yes!

we shall unite and snap away in september:)


just beautiful lavender and friends...hi atlas!


so absolutely gorgeous...looks divine...Laurie


what lovely tan skin your friend has. tee-hee.

the lavender in that second shot looks so soft and touchable!

I had fun at the market yesterday! I can still taste those doughnuts. :)


Yesterday my friend was me. Margie had left so early in the morning, I went back to bed for a few hours and got up to be informed that Barry was treating me to a manicure pedicure - sweet indulgence! I grabbed a new murder mystery book and went off to be pampered. I came home showered and got ready for the opening of his show, a 3 piece Noel Coward. I went to a busy pub and had a drink & french fries on my own for dinner, went to the theatre and afterwards enjoyed an opening night party with the cast & crew.
Robin, the shots in the previous post are wonderful. My most amazing shot comes from last Monday when I caught the rain bouncing out of the eaves ...


the lavender...fields and fields of it!! I enjoyed the colors and flavors of the farmers market today, I wish I had it year round, but maybe I wouldn't appreciate it so fully then??

Florence Muma

Robin was that up at the Hood River Lavender Farm, it is stunning the photo you got.


I have been there, but not taken such beautiful pictures. Just Beautiful! Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart. My husband works two days a week at the golf course in West Linn, pruning 3000 roses. It is a nice retirement job for him. I would love to see with my camera all those roses one of these days.


I am relaxing in the sunshine, at my parents place. Or at least I was....now I am curled up in my pyjamas!



Be still my beating heart. Your photos are just brilliant! They pull me right there very time. What a talent you have. Wish I were there. But, of course, I can smell that lavender from here!!


Beautiful...have a great time with your friend! Can't wait to see your weekend thru your photos.

As for me.... I had my granddaughter this past week. Took her back home to Hermiston last night, so I am spending the weekend in LOTS of quiet and rest.

Oh and thanks for stopping by over at my blog...


Love all you share
Love Jeanneā™„

Joy Bayer

Wow! Do you get tired of hearing me say that! I have to come up with some new words to describe how your photos inspire me... But still I say, WOW!


fields of lavender...aaaah.
i can almost smell it.

Judith Green

WOW! I adore the 3rd shot in particular, love the texture you've used...like a linen texture? Gorgeous.

Susan Tuttle

UNBELIEVABLE lavender shots!!!!

Erin Hollister Grover

You certainly got amazing shots of the lavender. Having fun with my best friend of 15 yrs. now.. Anniversary Weekend.
Be Blessed, Erin


That is Mt. Hood, yes Robin? I hope the next time I get to Oregon that I will finally be able to explore the lavendar fields in the area around Portland. Your photos are beautiful and inspiring.

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