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August 03, 2009


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Corinne Hodel

I love your blog site. The photography is beauitful! I want to thank you for all the kind words and pictures of my sunprint handbags. You can find my bags at the Made in Oregon Stores, Audubon Store and The Rose Garden Shop. I can do about any design that you can think of. My name is Corinne Hodel, you can contact me at autumnferndesign@hotmail.com


Wonderful post! I enjoy your lovely photos so much, and I have never commented, but I just have to say that those look like purple carrots to me. Purple carrots were the most common kind until the 16th century, when the Dutch cross-bred some varieties to create the orange carrot we know today to represent The House of Orange. Even carrot coloration evolves :)

I love your blog!


Oh my goodness but your blog is a thing of beauty! I'm refreshed and inspired for simply being here. Speaking of "bee," please post the maker of the bee handbag when you find it, if you do. I have a Sting fan friend with an upcoming birthday...wouldn't that be an amazing gift? Yeah, I'm thinking so...


Wow, that house looks like a cottage right out of a fairy tale! I know you felt right at home there. :)


Oh, that market food! Makes me crazy -- I'm not sure anyone loves farm markets more than me. Except maybe you?!

And Julie's house is fabulous -- I love that blue door!


i am also in love with heirloom tomatoes. purple, orange, yellow. delicious. summer bounty.

John Maslowski

Just saw your comment on mooch's photoblog and realized it's been awhile since I visited your site Robin. Always like the warm and friendly atmosphere here and always amazed at the number of fabulous photographs that you post. Such appealing images from the Farmer's Market. Haven't been to one yet this year and now I really have to get to one. Lovely pictures as usual Robin, take care.


i would say...
you need to take photos for magazines!!!
All of your photos are so unique, and open, and powerful! and colorful! and absolutely gorgeous!!!
oh! but that is you too? Teehee :0-)

Big hugs and wish we could share a dounut or two...(or maybe three!) teehee xx


amazing blog, amazing writing, gorgeous photographs..... so happy to have been introduced to you via Marcyanna (http://marcyannaparzych.blogspot.com)


Oh what colors! Such a delightful visit!

spread your wings

i want one of those bags. and one of those donuts... and a drink... and some of those blueberries. oh my such scrumptious goodies.
as always - a delight to visit here.


Love the farmers' market pix. Looks like such a happy place!!!


Oh, I'm sure I've never been to a farmer's market this lovely! or yummy:)


Any woman who attends farmers market in a turquoise hat that matches her outfit is bound to have a house and garden just that delightful. She is so lovely. And, my, how I loved getting a glimpse of Elizabeth. I really, really need a t-shirt like Elizabeth's for myself.

I loved what you said about being twins with your girlfriends. I am picturing us both carrying around - and writing in - our matching journals.


Your images are a joy to behold my sweet Tweety friend.

Florence Muma

Wow how lucky you are to get to go to Julie's garden, I treasure and dream of my own garden looking like that someday.


I am giggling away over here. I didn't even get to the rest of the photos because I got distracted by the third photo - where it looks like I am trying to decide whether the donut is good or not. I mean, as if that even needed consideration, LOLOL. It's a hot donut with cinnamon and sugar. Can there be any doubt? LOL

The bag had a small tag on it. I did save it, but it just says Autumn Fern Design (oh, maybe that's her shop - I was thinking it was a product name).

I love your photos! And yes, now I want one of those drinks. I guess I will have to visit again! :)


And you had two of those scrumptious donuts! Lucky girl...


Such beautiful images, as always. I feel like I'm sitting in the midst of your farmer's market .



Oh, and the bags, OMG they are toooooo cute!


Fabulous Post! Oh I wish I had one of those beautiful and refreshing icy cold sweating on the outside of the glass drinks!! :-) I will have to skip the doughnuts though (not good for my girlish figure ; ) Beautiful photos and I can't wait to see the lovely english garden through your eyes.


Don't we have the best Farmer's Markets around? I just love them. Your pictures are great and I can't wait to see more of the garden.


Elizabeth looks like she is enjoying the fresh cinnamon doughnuts, they are my favourite. What a great day you had strolling around with friends.

m. heart

Thanks for the farmer's market visit, Robin, these photos are so full of light and life.

As for the carrots, Susanna might want to check out the kaleidoscope carrot mix from Cook's Gardenhttp://www.cooksgarden.com/prodinfo.asp?number=524&variation=&aitem=1&mitem=1

Sooo fun to grow because you never know what color you're going to see when you pull them up. And gorgeous in a salad.

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